How many days a pig walks and how to check the effectiveness of mating

The pigs that are left as sows on the farm begin walking only in those cases when all the necessary conditions are created for them: balanced nutrition and proper maintenance. How many days does a pig walk and how to help her prepare for an important stage? This is a question that plagues every novice farmer. The pig walks only a few days, and a person should have time to take advantage of the opportunity to breed young animals.How and when does a pig go for a walk?

Table of Contents
  1. Preparing for the mating
  2. When the pig starts walking
  3. Signs of hunting in pigs
  4. How to provide the pig with the necessary conditions
  5. Pig behavior after mating

Сколько дней гуляет свинья

How many days pig walks

Preparing for the mating

At what age does the pig go for a walk? An important stage of preparation for the moment when the sow is ready for breeding is the selection and separation of young animals. Not every female is selected for nursing future offspring. If the farmer succeeds in choosing the right female, at a suitable age she will be able to give a full and healthy offspring. After birth, young growth is rapidly gaining weight. At this stage, it is important to choose the right diet for the pigs (artificial rearing is fed) and provide them with proper care.

The future sow should have a calm disposition. An overly active mumps can trample the brood and harm the boar. In aggressive individuals, the maternal instinct is least developed.

The sow is kept separate from other individuals, both pigs and wild boars.For the expectant mother, they organize a separate balanced diet. Mumps should gain mass moderately, without excessive growth of the sebaceous layer. Cleaning a sow’s enclosure is carried out at least twice a week.

A case is a natural process in the life of each animal, but the result will depend on the farmer only. After and before mating, the sow should be given proper and proper care, otherwise the pigs will be weak. A pig with the following parameters is suitable for a sow: moderately well-fed, calm and with all functional nipples. If the farmer managed to select a suitable female, then the piglets will be the strongest of the whole brood.

It is difficult to miss the signs that the pig is walking or is ready to breed. Such a sow behaves very actively and playfully. If the farmer did not have to deal with changes in the behavior of pigs before, then the main sign that the sow wants to walk is fast weight gain and excessive activity. Pigs in a healthy female are born without complications. Only one sow can produce up to 12 piglets at a time. After selection of the female, it is necessary to pay attention to the quality of the wild boar, which will give healthy offspring. When is the right time for breeding pigs?

When the pig begins to walk

If the plump pig has walked around for the first time, its birth can go unpredictably and with complications.For stable offspring, it is necessary to select pigs that already gave the farmer healthy offspring. How to understand that the selected boar is suitable for breeding? A correctly selected wild boar will let you know whether the pig is ready to walk or not. Hunting at the sow does not last long, and during this time you need to have time to happen to her with a suitable male. It is best to happen to representatives of one breed: spoiling the genetics of offspring is very easy, but then treating diseases in pigs is a costly and unpleasant thing for the farmer.

Healthy pigs are obtained from a well-fed but not too heavy boar. The time that the female walks also depends on the hog. On average, hunting sows takes no more than 2-3 days. The pig breeding season is short and very easy to miss if you select several suitable sows at once. Keeping track of all the pigs is difficult even for an experienced farmer.

In mumps after puberty, there is a periodic attraction. Moments of excitement give way to calm. Hunting can begin at any time of the year, even in winter. It does not depend on weather and external conditions when and under what circumstances a pig has a desire to continue the genus. The first attraction appears in pigs six months of age. The estrus occurs once a month. There are 3 stages of sow drive:

  • pre-hunting;
  • estrus (directly hunting);
  • post-hunting.

Things are different with boars. The sexual period lasts at the hog all year round.Insemination occurs within 1 or 2 days. It’s easy to find out when a pig is hunting. The first thing that changes is her behavior. The first mating for a mumps can occur at the age of five months (it is biologically ready). The sow must gain the necessary weight and grow strong enough to bear large offspring.

Experienced farmers are in no hurry to mate females. Piglets are selected for breeding at the age of 9-10 months. Such a mumps begins to walk without the danger of a difficult birth. Her body is ready to endure 10 or even 12 piglets at a time. The optimal weight for a female before mating is at least 100 kg.

In the first days of hunting, females behave differently. They have reduced appetite and increased activity. Often the sow screams loudly or runs around the aviary. All the farmer needs is to arm himself with observation and pay attention to the behavior of the animal. During the oestrus period, the pig can freeze in place for several minutes. Taken together, all changes in the behavior of pigs will tell a person that the pig is ready to give offspring in the near future. If a female takes a walk, her health deteriorates sharply. What to do in such cases and how not to miss the moment when the pig is walking?

Signs of hunting in pigs

How do you know what the pig went for a walk? Recognize the first signs of hunting in a pig by the strength of even an inexperienced pig farmer. If a young pig went on a walk, how to determine the right moment for mating?How many days a pig walks depends on how quickly the farmer brings the boar. Physiological changes appear from the first days of the hunt. The female is not easily rushing around the cell, even her body is changing. The sex loop swells. It can be seen with the naked eye. From 6 months, the pig is biologically ready for mating, but only a female with a strong body is properly cared for. What signs will help to recognize the female’s readiness for hunting?

First of all, the udder swells in the pig, and mucus is periodically released from the nipples or genitals. Such signs and a change in behavior will tell the farmer that the pig will start hunting (in a few days).

Characteristic signs that will help determine the period of estrus in the pig:

  1. If you push the sow on her back, she starts to rest and try to maintain a stable position.
  2. She doesn’t eat anything, the female’s appetite decreases.
  3. The sexual loop swells.
  4. The pig shouts loudly and sleeps little.

If the female did not take a walk on time, she breaks important internal processes. Keeping a pig and not bringing a boar to it is dangerous and ineffective.

Even on a large farm, you need to separate just a few sows that can give birth to piglets again. The average time for mating is no more than 40 minutes, but in some cases the mumps needs more time to get used to the boar.

It is better to leave the female and the male for several hours, during which they have several sexual acts. After a few weeks, the results of the mating will be visible. The main sign that the female is pregnant is her lack of hunting. After how many days can a pig be out of control? It is not always possible to reduce the animal to the hog, so after 18 days the pig is calmed down. The mating is repeated a month later, if the second attempt also fails, the mumps can be cut and released into a common aviary.

How to provide the mumps with the necessary conditions

The sex drive is counted from the first hunting day. Pre-hunting lasts for 2 or 3 days. A long hunt exhausts the female, and she becomes too sluggish. For more than 200 hours, pro-estrus does not last. Over the years, the term of hunting in adult females decreases. The older the sow, the faster its hunt ends. The excitement of pigs is accompanied by such an unpleasant phenomenon as a lack of appetite. At this point, the farmer should take care of the nursery and ensure her peace of mind. Normal appetite returns to the sow after mating. A pregnant female eats 2 times more than an ordinary pig.

Experienced pig farmers distinguish a pig that is ready for hunting, even by the characteristic sounds it makes. Swine genital organs swell in most cases. Very rarely, the female continues to behave unchanged.Before mating from the genitals of the mumps, discharge should appear, otherwise mating with the boar will not occur. In no case can an animal be injured, therefore, without primary signs, a male should not be allowed to enter a sow.

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Pig walked What to do

The preparation of the body of the pig ends when the uterus grows in size. This change helps the boar to upset.After 20 days, it will become clear whether the pig is fertilized or not. During the hunt, puffiness of the external genitalia decreases. Urinary incontinence is one of the unpleasant but common signs that the mumps is ready for mating.

Pig behavior after mating

Immediately after the hunt, the animal calms down. The pig sleeps a lot and is gaining weight. Her former appetite and activity returns.

If you run a male to a fertilized mump, she will not react to it at all. If other sows start hunting and try to jump onto the future mother of piglets, she resists and is aggressive.

The genitals and mucous membranes change color. External genitals frown slightly and turn pale. Post-hunting takes only a few days, for which the pig is calmed down. It is important for both experienced farmers and beginners not to scare the animal and not to take decisive action without signs that the pig is ready to breed. Careful preparation and further care will help the sow to make healthy and healthy offspring.

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