What can a pig dream about?

For hundreds of years, people have been trying to understand the symbols seen in Morpheus’s kingdom, but the answer did not always satisfy them completely. Special collections were compiled and scientific treatises were written. What is the pig dreaming about? We will analyze in detail the most common decryptions.

  1. General Interpretation
  2. Interpretation for men
  3. Interpretation for women
  4. Interpretation by color
  5. Decoding by place of residence
  6. People’s actions
  7. Animal behavior
  8. Hunting
  9. Killing
  10. Food

К чему снится свинья или поросенок

What does a pig or piggy dream

General Interpretation

Animals accompanied the person during many centuries, so their image is densely populated at the subconscious level. If animals dreamed, then the meaning of the Islamic dream book rarely coincided with Christian interpretations.The information was influenced by the cultural characteristics of the people and their attitude to the pig family.

In pagan sources, the wild boar was a symbol of a strong and dangerous enemy that promises people big problems . Female during dreams means unexpected guests. Piglet foreshadowed a strange event, knocking people out of the usual life circle.

Pigs in the dream book of gypsies have different interpretations. If a brazen boar tramples nearby, then one can expect more active competitors and a dishonest business game. The female symbolizes the appearance of good luck and the implementation of the most daring plans. The presence of a small animal in the house promises an improvement in financial opportunities.

In Russian sources of the early twentieth century, you can find other information. If you dreamed of an aggressive-minded hog, then this means mental throwing. The human principle is struggling with manifestations of base impulses. The angrier the animal, the more difficult it is to sort out its feelings. A peacefully munching boar symbolizes the resolution of internal problems.

A dream about a pig gives a reason to delve into your own soul, as it reproaches the dreamer for laziness, gluttony and a relaxed lifestyle.

В in the same collection, a pig in a dream is a reproach to his own sins and indulgence of base passions.

The piglet has several interpretations. A clean, healthy animal symbolizes financial success. A dirty, weak animal is

an unpleasant act that a person has committed.

Interpretation for men

To get an accurate decoding, specialists are repelled from the sleeping person’s floor. The emotional state of gentlemen is more stable than that of women, so the meaning of dreams has a different symbolism. Why do pigs dream?

According to popular interpretation, a young man can see animals in several cases. Most often, this is a symbol of experiencing sexual promiscuity. Hidden in the subconscious, a black dissatisfaction with his life dreams of in the form of cattle.

A bite of a boar means problems with loved ones or unexpected betrayal.For loving guys, the action is a warning about possible sexually transmitted diseases or unplanned paternity. The more aggressive the beast, the more attention should be paid to its behavior.

Had a black pig? In the coming days, it is better to abandon serious decisions and business meetings. The dark color of the animal symbolizes a lie, therefore, it is recommended to carefully re-read the contract and not agree to dubious transactions. If the beast has a specific face or has turned into a person, then it is worth remembering a possible pest.

What does the piggy dream about? Men see tiny animals only with small, empty experiences. Such individuals stand confidently on their feet and are able to achieve great success on their own, but slight doubts sometimes disturb. If a married gentleman feeds or plays with a small animal, he will soon become a father.

Interpretation for women

Dreams in women are refracted through the prism of emotions, therefore they have a different meaning than the strong half of humanity. When decoding, they pay attention to the feelings of the heroine and her attitude to the animal. Not taking into account such subtleties, one can err in the meaning.

The wild boar in female dream books is often a symbol of danger from a representative of the opposite sex. If it feels like the animal belongs to the mistress of sleep, then we should expect a flash of jealousy in the husband. Aliens or wild animals warn of the intrigues of ill-wishers and enemies.

Is a fat pig dreaming?The girl will meet a new rich admirer, who will start to nerves and plague with distrust. For married women, the symbol promises an unpleasant discovery in the character or actions of the spouse. Transformation into an animal with a piglet promises emotional experiences.

What does the Pig dream about (Dream Interpretation, Dream Interpretation )
What is the dream pig dream interpretation of the dream
What Piglet dreams of (Dream Interpretation, Dream Interpretation)

To dream of a pig holding on to the tail of a mother means the appearance of a brazen and unprincipled person in life. Such a person does not suffer from remorse and will try to derive maximum benefit from you. The abundance of tiny animals around them warns of fuss and petty worries.

Pure and healthy pigs with a bright back have long dreamed of those who are mentally prepared for motherhood. If a woman saw animals lying in the mud, then they thus warned of gossips and slanderers. Often in a dream there are signs by which pests can be recognized.

Interpretation by color

If you dream about a pig, you are advised to pay attention to physiological characteristics. The coloring of the body and eyes is of great importance in deciphering visions. Depending on what and how it is presented, you can determine the result.

A black fat pig is warning of the presence of enemies. In Miller’s dream book they advise to be careful and not to trust people. Had a little pig in the same shade? The subconscious mind hints at an internal brake that prevents one from enjoying life. The invented complexes and prohibitions do not always coincide with your interests.

The dark boar promises a clash with some dangerous forces that can destroy everything. The more aggressive the boar, the more carefully it is necessary to conduct business. Do not rush into battle and try to catch Fortuna by the tail. Vision advises acting thoughtfully and with restraint.

In Wang’s understanding, white animals dreamed of good news. Pigs walk around the yard or just cheer cheerfully. But if she saw that the snowy beast was about to leave the borders of possessions, then all positive undertakings would leave behind him.

If the fair-skinned piggy is dreaming, then a pleasant journey and fulfillment of wishes will soon be expected. Affectionate, gullible child promises good luck in all matters. But if the baby is scared or breaks out of hands, it becomes a symbol of fleeing opportunities.

Decryption by place of residence

People living in the city or in the countryside, in different ways relate to animals. Some regularly encounter real pigs, while others saw animals only on TV. The interpretation of meanings is refracted in the prism of such a reality.

Healthy pigs with offspring on their own farm are a symbol of wealth and prosperity for peasants. But it is worth the livestock to migrate in a dream into the corridor of an apartment of a city dweller, this becomes a sign of a quarrel with neighbors. Decorative pigs warn everyone about troubles or an unfortunate event.

To dream of a pig with young animals in a strange pigsty for a villager is a sign of generous hospitality. Under the same conditions, the vision of the townspeople symbolizes resentment and dissatisfaction with someone else’s behavior. By the way, grunting livestock in the office are serious business troubles. Perhaps someone is jealous of the owner of the dream and trying to play a dirty trick.

Pork dung during the dreams of rural residents means hard and painstaking work. A white piglet sticking out of a stinky heap or getting into shit for city dwellers is a warning about an unpleasant act that will have to be ashamed. Many feces of animal origin hint at the presence of a latent disease, about to appear.

What do pigs dream about in a private farmstead if there are none in reality? The most common decryption is the profit or return of the old debt. Sometimes such visions speak of a new position, which is associated with physical labor.

People’s actions

The value depends on how and what a person does during a nap. To feed pigs in a dream always means strengthening financial position. If a grunting herd comes up with joy and is not afraid, income will increase as much as possible. According to the Muslim dream book, such symbols designate enemies.

See your own hands when dispensing animal feed? Luck and success depend on you, so it’s worth collecting your will into a fist and stop shifting responsibility to others. It may be necessary to find a new job or gain popular skills in the courses.

The good news is promised by the purchase of piglets, but the sale of an adult livestock can symbolize the acquisition of an expensive product: real estate or a car. If during dreams a person feels the joy of a deal, then do not worry about minor troubles.

Riding a live pig speaks of empty and stupid entertainment. Actions taking place in a barn or paddock show the limitations that people drive themselves into. Stroking an animal speaks of constant flattery turned to an unworthy person.

Chasing a KAMAZ car to remove a pig is a complex vision, symbolizing conflicting emotions. On the one hand, a person wants to stay in his usual life, and on the other, changes are already on the verge, it is enough just to reach out. The result depends on the decision made.

Animal Behavior

To understand the meaning of dreams, you need to correctly decipher the actions you saw. Often secret thoughts or forgotten events from the past are hidden in them. Each source has different options.

If a pig has bitten, this is a warning about the presence of an enemy. To see how an attacking cattle holds out a snout to kill, signals very dangerous competitors. Death in animal visions does not promise anything good. You need to think about your actions and not risk it again.

By the way, to see in a dream a domestic pig, which goes next to a wild boar, means family harmony. Lonely people will find love, and spouses will find mutual understanding. If the idyll is complemented by many babies with different hairs, then a person is promised unobtrusive flirtation and a slight hobby.

Pregnant pure pig is a sign of future happiness and prosperity.A pink sow with a healthy offspring predicts that the financial situation will stabilize and a time of prosperity is coming. If the animal is dirty or lying in muddy water, this symbolizes evil tongues. By the way, if a female gives birth to piglets before your eyes, the vision reminds you of a forgotten commitment.

What is the dream of a talking pig? Indistinct, illegible phrases hint at slander or idle chatter. Sometimes an animal pronounces words in the voice of one of its acquaintances. Such an action speaks of an enemy among the environment.


Killing animals for our ancestors was not something terrible and unusual. For contemporaries, such visions often cause tremors. It is worth remembering that actions in drowsiness do not always coincide with reality.

The bloody duel with a wild beast has many interpretations. Popular sources decoded the material that was dreamed up, according to the result. Let’s analyze the most common options.

  1. Catch a living boar. Expect joyful news.
  2. Head. Symbolizes the victory over the enemy. But if you gave the trophy to someone, it means to fix a good moment.
  3. Carcass. Success in the near future. The presence of blood means the forces spent on this action.

If the beast escaped or the hunter was killed, it is worth preparing for the disease. It is recommended to remember which organ was damaged. The body signals to the subconscious that there is a serious danger.A repeated dream indicates a tendency to undue risk.

The dream book about wild piglets has 2 deciphers. If the pig gave birth to babies and you killed them, then these are dangerous acts. Dreamed of a peppy young growth, boldly going to the hunter? This promises many interesting events that bring profit closer.

By the way, sleeping in a dream is a sign of body fatigue. The exhausted brain sends signals that it is worth stopping and rest normally. Of equal importance is the long pursuit of the beast, which constantly escapes from the hands.


It is not very pleasant for the city dweller to watch how the animals are being cut. In the arms of Morpheus, actions acquire a different meaning, so it is worthwhile to carefully consider all events. Sometimes decryption has a double meaning.

If you saw an adult pig being killed with a knife, this promises a profitable part-time job. But the same events with a small pig warn about large losses. Dead newborns always mean illness or trouble at work.

Seeing a severed head or ears in a dream is a prediction of victory over the enemy. But if the owner of the dream did not put his hands to the murder, then we can expect a deterioration in financial standing. Black raw blood flowing down your hands will improve financial income.

If a slaughtered pig runs around the yard or hides in a pigsty, the vision warns a person of wrongdoings or a sick relative.To see dead animals (wild boar, cow) speaks of affliction of relatives. If rats or a dog eat fresh meat in a night dream, then the dreamer has many serious competitors. By the way, if the “parasite” bites, you should prepare for problems at work.

Catching a black pig in the yard, ironing it and leading it to the slaughter means new beginnings. If during the chase dreamed chickens throwing themselves under their feet, they promise minor chores. Cutting and pricking an animal with one’s own hands always portends mature and wise actions.


Cooking is always a pleasant event, but in visions the actions take on a different meaning. If you buy pork in the market, then such an act always means hard work. The person moves confidently towards the goal and does not notice the obstacle.

It is recommended to pay attention to the color of the meat. Seeing black animal flesh is always a disease. Light pink pieces portend good health and quick recovery. If you saw that the acquired sliced ​​pork was covered with red blood, then you can expect success on the love front.

If you dreamed of fat and fat, then the interpreters predict good luck in your endeavors and a positive turn in fate. A rancid or foul taste warns of trouble. By the way, cutting a piece with your own hands is a victory over all enemies. The baked head and hooves on the festive table has the same decoding.

Yummy in the world of dreams always means pleasure.The milk pig, which is in front of the eyes, promises a joyful and easy pastime. If you saw a big boar, then an interesting acquaintance is expected soon. Pork with blood on a plate is a sign of a serious illness or a harbinger of the death of someone close to you.

In Morpheus’s arms, hidden possibilities open up for a person. To see a pig in a dream always means action and deed, but without decoding it is difficult to determine. Our interpretations will help you find the right one.

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