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The decorative pig mini-pig is gaining more and more popularity as a pet. This animal, due to its miniature size, can be kept both in a country house and in the confined space of an apartment.

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  2. General features
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Декоративная свинья

Decorative pig

About decorative mini-pigs

Dwarf domestic pig mini-pigs began to be bred as an object for laboratory research and medical experiments, thanks to their unusual appearance, mini-pigs have gained admirers and began to be used as pets.

The dwarf pig owed its appearance to German scientists who decided to cross each other wild boar and short-bellied Vietnamese, which are small in size.

Today, mini piglets a clearly defined standard was not fixed, and their diversity can be seen in the photo. Seeking to get a smaller mini-pig size, breeders from different countries are actively working on the issue of micropig breeding.

Due to the lack of a fixed standard, breeders identify several main areas of mini-pigs.

  1. Vietnamese whiskers, ancestors of miniature pigs for domestic maintenance, which served as the beginning of breeding work to reduce the size of piglets.Their weight varies from 45 to 100 kg. The breed line of the loose-beloved Vietnamese is most in demand among Americans who prefer to keep it in the countryside.
  2. German Gottingen mini-pig. This is a fairly young direction. In appearance, such a pet is similar to Vietnamese miniature pigs. The average weight ranges from 70 to 90 kg.
  3. Micro-mini Mayalino, bred in Italy and related to breeding types, listed in the Guinness Book of Records because of its miniature size. The weight of an adult mini-pig does not exceed 12 kg. There are no micropig in Russia. The breed has not received its further distribution, as animals have a weak immunity to diseases and are unsuitable for reproduction.
  4. European pig Wiesenau stands out with its compact square constitution with a muzzle without folds. The weight of adult domestic pigs reaches no more than 60 kg.
  5. European karapuzik bergstresser knirt, which has gained the greatest popularity in Europe and reaches a mass of not more than 20-30 kg.

General features

The main part of the minipigs withdrawn grows to 0.7 m at the withers. The maximum weight of the first domestic pigs was up to 150 kg. In color, miniature mini-pigs can be diverse: black and tiger, sand and red, marble and mixed colors.

The life span of small domestic pigs is no more than 15 years.

Miniature pigs gain weight and form a constitution until they are 2 years old. After that, the animals begin to gain weight, increasing weight throughout the entire life period. Today, the standard weight of an average miniature pig is in the range of 40 to 80 kg. Microeconomics derived from it weigh no more than 30 kg. Large representatives of small domestic breeds of pigs can gain weight up to 120 kg. In nature, there are isolated cases when small mini-pigs weigh 5-10 kg each.

Subtleties of home keeping

Decorative pigs in a home environment are raised like dogs and cats, without restricting animals in moving in the space of the apartment. For large breeds, they prefer suburban accommodation, where they should arrange special booths and corrals. It is easy to keep miniature animals close to microsizes in a city apartment.

The tendency of pigs to become obese, especially after they have reached 2 years old, makes it mandatory for the owner to include in their diet and daily range. The growth of animals and their weight directly depends on their diet and food restrictions.

Naturally intelligent dwarf mini-pigs are easy to train, quickly learn simple commands and are quite obedient in nature.

In contrast to ordinary pig breeds, the decorative lines of animals practically do not smell. They are able to quickly learn to use the toilet tray. Among the main problems noted by owners of domestic pigs, self-will of character stands out, therefore, in the absence of proper training, these animals can be naughty and often do not get along with children and elderly people, showing aggression.

Dwarf mini dwarfs from an early age -pigi, like domestic dogs and cats, can spoil the furniture interior, so starting to accustom them to order at home is from a very young age, when the baby has not yet grown into a big prankster.

Product priorities

Dwarf pigs are omnivorous by nature, but in order to maintain pigs in good physical shape and maintain the right size for feeding pets, a special nutrition system is being developed that regulates weight gain, but provides the animal with all the necessary nutrients.

The diet of ornamental pig breeds is reminiscent of the dietary feeding of young children when all spicy and salty foods, fried and oily, sweet and baked, are contraindicated.

Priority in feeding decorative frost is given to a healthy diet, which consists of the useful fruits and vegetables, without the use of salt and sugar, cooking without using frying oils.The menu should include dairy products and cottage cheese, cereals from various cereals, fresh herbs.

The frequency of feeding miniature pigs should be at least 3 times a day.

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Cons and caveats

Cute decorative piglets of dwarf breeds have practically no shortcomings.However, those who intend to have such a pet should remember that, despite successful experiments to reduce the weight and size of animals, they still remain pigs by nature. Some owners often remain unhappy when pigs emit piercing screeches characteristic of pigs and knock hooves on the floor.

To create comfort for others, when holding a dwarf pig at home, it is recommended to use special soft shoes to prevent loud noises from hoofling animals on the surface of the floor.

Artificially bred dwarf breeds decorative mini-pigs, along with the usual pig weight, lost some of the body’s resistance to various diseases m. Their often weak immunity is not able to withstand dampness and drafts, from which small pets often catch a cold and get sick.

In order to reduce economic losses from maintaining dwarf mini-pigs in the form of damaged furniture of animals, it is recommended to close in open-air cages, when they are forced to stay home alone.

If you include in the disadvantages the price of how much a pet costs, then the high cost of a piggy mini-pig is really a very big minus when accepted and decisions to get dwarf rock at home. Depending on the breed and the size of the decorative domestic pig, it costs from 10-15 to 100-150 thousand rubles.or from 200 to 2000 US dollars abroad.

When buying a pet, you should carefully choose the seller, as there have been more cases of fraud with these breeds recently, so under the guise of a dwarf mini-pig you can easily buy ordinary large pig from small breeds.

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