Actara’s use for potatoes

Actara for potatoes is a broad-spectrum fungicide. It is used to protect indoor plants, garden flowers and shrubs from insects.

  1. Indications for use
  2. Effect of the chemical
  3. Release form
  4. Rules for breeding the insecticide
  5. Processing methods
  6. Rules for using the solution
  7. Safety precautions

Применение Актары для картофеля

Use Actara for potatoes

Indications for use

The chemical belongs to the group of neocotinoids and is intended to protect many types of vegetables, including potatoes, from harmful ones insects:

  • Colorado beetles;
  • aphids;
  • scale insects;
  • thrips;
  • worms.

The use of Actara for potatoes is especially indicated for invasions of the Colorado potato beetles. The effectiveness of the toxic chemical is the same both during irrigation and when applied to the soil.

Chemical effect

Aktara – an insecticide of the Swiss company Syngenta. The preparation is based on thiamethoxam in the proportion of 250 g per 1 kg or 240 g per 1 liter. The substance begins to act immediately after shrubs are irrigated, the pesticide spreads over the leaves within 20 hours, and when the trees are treated, the propagation time is several days.

Insects absorb poisoned leaves and stems that inhibit their nervous system.Within half an hour after the pesticide enters the body, the pest completely refuses food and dies in a day.

The period of the protection effect lasts from 2 weeks to a month, depending on the weather. The toxic chemical is recommended to be alternated with other fungicides, because exposure may be lost due to rain or frequent watering. Also, the substance does not have a directed effect on the larvae of beetles, therefore, even when treated with fungicide, there is a likelihood of a problem returning with the offspring.

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Release form

Препарат выпускают гранулах или в жидким

The drug is released in granules or in liquid

When buying a chemical, be sure to pay attention to:

  • on the integrity of the package;
  • on the form of release of the drug;
  • on the availability of instructions for preparing the solution and tillage.

counterfeiting should be purchased ty insecticide in a specialized store, and at the same time consult with a specialist.

The drug is produced in granular and liquid form:

  • granules in packages – 4 g each;
  • bottles – 250 g each;
  • in the form of a liquid – 9 ml each.

The packaging should be protected from direct sunlight, stored in a dry place. Room temperature should not exceed 27 ° С.

Rules for breeding an insecticide

According to the instructions for using Actara for potatoes, the composition of the drug is distributed only on the leaves and stems. Potato tubers remain outside the drug exposure zone.

To correctly and efficiently treat potatoes and other crops with a pesticide, you will need a solution. The success of the fight against harmful insects depends on its concentration. When preparing poison for pests, the instruction should be carefully read. Different concentrations of the chemical are prepared for different types of insects.

The instructions for breeding Aktara’s pest protection for potatoes and other vegetable crops may vary slightly.

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Processing methods

One of two methods is used to process potatoes:

  • tillage before planting or during growth;
  • spraying an already grown plant.

Soil treatment just before planting a vegetable crop is very effective. This requires 8 g of insecticide per bucket of water. The resulting solution is enough for 10 square meters. m. It gives a strong immunity against Colorado beetles and midges. A lower dosage of 1 g per 10 l is used before planting garden plants against small pests: podura, columbula.

Processing vegetable crops by spraying is carried out using the following proportions: 12 g of fungicide per 10 l of water. The use of Aktar pesticide for watering tomatoes and cucumbers – 4 g per 10 liters of water.Watering is carried out under the root system, which provides stable protection against aphids and thrips.

Fruit trees are also susceptible to attack by harmful insects. For their spraying, you can use the solution of Actara in a proportion of 3-4 g per 10 liters of water. The same solution can be used for pears and plums.

Rules for using the solution

The prepared solution should be used on the day of preparation. Processing the crop is preferably carried out in dry weather. Lack of wind is another factor when spraying. Pesticide irrigation should be carried out in the evening to eliminate the risk of leaf burns in the plant.

When watering and applying pesticide to the soil, do not touch adjacent plants. Spray the bushes and moisten the soil abundantly, sparing no money, only then you will not have to doubt its effectiveness.

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When working with chemicals, a person is required to strictly observe the rules and safety precautions. Do not eat or drink during work. After processing, wash your hands thoroughly with warm water and soap.

It is important to wear protective clothing made of thick fabric.

During the procedure use a respirator and goggles. if a part of the product has got on the skin, the place is washed with water and then washed with soap. In case of contact with eyes, they are also washed with water and then consult a doctor. Using Actara on potatoes gives excellent results.

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