Characteristics of potato varieties Ivan Da Marya

Potato Ivan da Marya is an excellent result of the work of breeders from the Netherlands. It differs from other varieties: ease of care, high yield, excellent taste.

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Характеристика картофеля сорта Иван Да Марья

Characteristics of the potato variety Ivan Da Marya

Thanks To these characteristics, Ivan da Marya potatoes are grown in different regions of the country. To get a big crop, you need to know all the rules and nuances of preparing planting materials, planting and caring for the bush.

Varietal features

Ivan da Marya – late ripening variety , from the moment of the appearance of the first shoots to the start of harvesting, 110-120 days pass.

Has a tall, rather leafy bush. The stems have a property that slopes; the leaves are large in a deep green hue. During flowering, flowers of white or cream color appear on the plant; at the stage of budding, they fall. The yield indicator depends on growing conditions: in the Central regions from 190 to 320 kg / ha, in Chernozem up to 190 kg / ha. From one bush grows from 15 to 20 fruits, the mass of one from 70 to 130 g.The tuber has an oval – round shape, creamy flesh and a peel yellow with raspberry spots. This variety has a high shelf life of 80 to 90% and a marketability of 80-94%. Description of the potato is standard for the Dutch variety.

Advantages and disadvantages

In order for the gardener to understand: should you choose Ivan Da Marya potatoes for planting, you need to consider in more detail its pros and cons.

The undoubted advantage will be:

  1. Excellent presentation.
  2. Yields that are 20-30% higher than the standard.
  3. Universality of application.
  4. Resistance to temperature fluctuations and drought (which is especially good for southern regions where there is no long-term e precipitation is the norm).
  5. High keeping quality (5-10% higher than usual).
  6. Good resistance to nematode and cancer.

According to the data, even with minimal watering, tubers develop normally. In such conditions, the yield of potatoes will be lower than usual, but this will not affect the taste in any way.

Ivan da Marya has some disadvantages:

  • High damage by insects, especially the Colorado potato beetle. Tops are the first delicacy for these pests, therefore it is important to take preventive measures.
  • The variety has a tendency to degenerate, all conditions of growth must be carefully observed.
  • Low resistance to late blight and tops.

Despite all the negative aspects, potatoes are popular and have extremely positive reviews. Therefore, so many growers grow the Ivan da Marya variety. They are attracted by the low starch content, excellent taste, as well as the fact that during the heat treatment the color of the potato remains the same.

Planting potatoes

This variety can be considered that it grows well in slightly acidic soil. Good illumination throughout the day guarantees rapid development. The characteristic indicates that this crop has a tendency to degenerate, therefore there is a need to update the material for planting.

Soil preparation

Potatoes can grow on any soil, but there is one condition is that before that, tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers or cabbage do not grow on it. It is good if earlier on this site peas, beets or beans were grown. Site preparation begins in the fall:

  1. After harvesting, the site is cleaned of tops, weeds and other plant debris.
  2. Fertilizers are scattered throughout the garden, calculated per 1 m 10 kg of manure or 5 kg of humus.
  3. The description of the potato indicates that the variety prefers light soil, therefore, as soon as the soil thaws, they dig it up, breaking lumps, and leveling the plot with a rake.

To increase productivity, you need to change the areas of planting crops. Between landings, a break of at least 2-3 years is made.

Planting potatoes

Клубни перед посадкой можно обработать

Tubers before planting, you can process

During planting, the tubers should be normal in appearance. To do this, they must first be prepared. First of all, the selection of suitable material is carried out. Root crops that have no damage will be ideal. The size of the potato is 4.5 – 5 cm in diameter.

Those tubers that are suitable for planting are laid out in a warm, well-lit room, but care must be taken that they are not in direct sunlight. To save space use boxes that can be put one on one. From the laying of root crops to the beginning of planting, 28-30 days pass. Before planting, root crops can be treated with stimulant (Mikon) and prophylactic (ash, potassium permanganate) drugs.

For the normal development of the culture, between rows should be at least 60-70 cm, and the distance between the bushes is 35-40 cm. Depth planting 10 cm, it is good if the ridge has a hollow in the center, aeration of the bushes is provided in this way.

Do not plant the plant in poorly warmed up soil, it is fraught with negative consequences, it is better to wait a little while it warms up to 10 C .

Care Features

If Vegetable if you want a good harvest, then you need to follow the care instructions. The plant needs timely watering and top dressing.To do this, before the buds appear a week after planting, shallow cultivation is carried out, weed removal with a plane cutter. During the flowering period, the grower hills the crop (the height of the bush is 20 cm), and also mulches the aisles with straw or grass previously cut. For uniform consecration of the stems, they are bred in different directions.


For the southern regions, this is a mandatory procedure, as this is one of the factors affecting yield. The tubers will be poorly formed if they are not watered on time. Before flowering and in the absence of rain, watering is carried out once a week for approximately every m2 10 l of water. During flowering, this indicator must be increased by 2 or 3 times. After flowering, additionally irrigate the earth once every 2 weeks. Water can be supplied either directly under the bush or in grooves that run parallel to the row. After 1-2 days, you need to carry out loosening. It is possible to understand that the potato lacks moisture on the ground part of the plant, if it fades for no apparent reason, then this is a direct reference to the lack of water. The procedure is recommended to be carried out after sunset in the evening hours, this avoids burns on the plant.


Properly selected and timely applied top dressing not only increases productivity, but also in somewhat accelerates the process of growth and further maturation. For a good development, it is necessary to do the following:

  1. Spray the tops until the buds appear with the Epin-Extra preparation.To save time, you can combine watering and dressing with mullein (for 10-15 liters of water 1 kg of manure).
  2. During budding, fertilize with green fertilizer (proportion 2:10). At 1 m landing is 1 liter. Another alternative option for top dressing: wood ash and superphosphate in 3-4 tbsp. tablespoons each in 10 -15 liters of water. As soon as the period of mass flowering begins, the tops are irrigated with the special preparation “Ovary.”
  3. After flowering the potatoes, top dressing is not carried out.

Pest treatment

In the description, among the shortcomings, it was indicated that it was attacked by insects. So that they do not damage the tops and root crops, it is necessary to carry out processing with chemicals. The most dangerous pests for the crop:

  • bear;
  • Colorado potato beetle.

It is not advisable to spray adult plants, since during watering or the rain will be washed off, the procedure must be systematically repeated. And this is unsafe for health, because the drugs contain strong chemicals.

Herbalist. Red rowan. Narrated by Sergey Viktorovich Moryakov

Accordingly, it is better to pre-process. the instructions for the preparations indicate that root crops can be processed in the following way:

  1. Soaking. The drug is bred in a small container, where the tubers will be placed. The procedure takes from 2 to 4 hours, after which the root crops are removed, dried and planted. For such purposes, a 1% solution of Bordeaux fluid, Prestige, is suitable.
  2. Spraying. Faster preventative method. A tarpaulin, film or cellophane is laid on the ground, and potatoes are laid on top. Arrivo, Aktelik and other preparations are bred in a bucket and irrigated root crops. Next, they are turned over and the procedure repeated. After leaving the tubers to dry.

The control of the bear must be given due attention, if before planting the soil was fertilized with manure, the likelihood of pests in the area increases several times. One such insect destroys 10 to 20 bushes. Therefore, in addition to standard processing, it is recommended to lay out baits for them (with poison) along the perimeter of the plot. falls in the second decade of September. It is better to dig out potatoes in dry weather, then it can be dried, and then begin preparation for further storage.

This is an unpretentious plant suitable for most climatic zones. Timely, and most importantly, regular care, only increases the fruiting rate.

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