Common varieties of red potatoes

Today, red potato varieties are gaining more and more popularity among gardeners, thanks to the beautiful fruits and delicate taste. Red potatoes, as well as fruits with white and yellow peels, can be used to cook popular french fries, boil or fry. Large red potatoes come in many varieties and are divided into early, mid-early and late varieties. Many gardeners are wondering which potato is better with yellow or red peel?

Распространенные сорта красного картофеля

Common varieties of red potatoes

In fact, each variety has its own advantages, red potatoes with white flesh look more vivid. Also, the variety of varieties of potatoes with red peel will not leave a single gardener indifferent. Gardeners should choose a variety of red potatoes that is best suited to your climatic living conditions.

Red Scarlet

Red Scarlet is an early variety, Dutch selection. It grows over 80 days. During flowering, the potato stem is low with a red-violet hue. The yield level is up to 600 kg / ha. Red scarlet is most suitable for the southern part of Russia. One fruit weighs 90 grams. The shape of the tuber is slightly oblong and smooth, the surface without grooves. The fruit has few eyes.

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  • Tolerance to dry summers.
  • No darkening due to damage.
  • Popular among farmers.
  • Good taste.
  • Level of preservation.
  • Easy portability of transportation.
  • With frequent use for planting, not changes its initial Varietal qualities.

The minus is the average level of resistance to popular vegetable diseases, for example, ordinary scab. Potatoes may lose their smoothness during the germination of tubers.

Borodyansky pink

Borodyansky pink is an early potato variety. This type has a table setting. The variety has large green leaves and a small bush with white flowers. During the period of active growth, flowering is weak. One vegetable weighs up to 130 grams. Approximate yield per hectare of at least 250 centners. It has excellent taste. This variety is suitable for making mashed potatoes. Some gardeners compare the variety of Borodian pink with the variety of Little Red Riding Hood and the dawn.It is stored for a long time and the fruit does not become cracked.

The variety can be transported to any region of the country and beyond.

Potatoes are considered one of the best varieties for sale, so as a vegetable, it has an almost 100% quality fruit and good presentation. The original is the shape of the tuber. It is round and slightly oval with numerous small eyes. The pulp is white or cream, the skin is pink or reddish.


  • Unpretentious type of potato (you can plant it in any soil and under different climatic conditions) .
  • Borodyansky pink has excellent fertility.
  • The variety has high-quality tubers.
  • The species is resistant to most diseases.
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Zhukovsky early

Among the early varieties among all potatoes available, early Zhukovsky belongs to Zhukovsky early. The fruits are always large. The skin is pink or red. Inside the fruit is yellow or white flesh. Zhukovsky’s early taste is delicate and slightly sweet. This type of potato is suitable for mashed potatoes, boiling and making french fries. Subject to the correct storage conditions, early Zhukovsky is stored on average up to 6-12 months without loss of taste and healthy qualities. Zhukovsky early is resistant to nematode and scab. Subject to proper watering and care of plantings, it can grow on scarce soils and at the same time give a plentiful crop.


Картофель имеет сладковатый вкус

The potato has sweet taste

  • Stable yield.
  • A large percentage of fruitfulness.
  • Produces purple-red inflorescences.
  • The potato has many shoots.
  • The variety is distinguished by taste, so it is also chosen for making chips.

The yield per hectare is approximately 300-600 centners, which is high rate.


Potatoes bellarose or las ovo gardeners call this sort of rose, usually attributed to the earliest varieties with high rates of productivity. The name of such a variety is due to fruits that have a soft pink or reddish hue. During the growth of the plant, the bush has a red-purple color and a light yellow pulp of the fruit. Chefs distinguish excellent tastes, which makes bellarose known in the field of trade. The average level of productivity generally exceeds 320 kg / ha. The potato is not rough, it is not stained during storage.


  • High survival rate in different soil types.
  • Appearance of the fruit .
  • Unlike other varieties, bellarose easily tolerates viruses of various types and diseases.
  • Matures in 65 days.

Simpli red

Simpli red refers to varieties that ripen later than usual. The average ripening period in simpl red is 82-87 days. A fruit with a pink or reddish peel. The pulp inside the fruit has a light color.


  • Starch content 19%.
  • When cooking, the tubers do not boil, so this kind also suitable for frying and cooking french fries.
  • Simpli Red has an excellent, delicate taste of fruit.
  • When properly left, the potatoes are stored for a long time.
  • Yield 250- 400 c / g.


Romano potatoes are considered to be an early and plentifully productive variety. It lies well in any season and lasts for a long winter. Romano is resistant to common diseases and viruses at an average level of evidence. Greater trauma can be obtained from a regular scab, so it is necessary to carry out additional treatment for this infection.


Сорт Романо порадует вас урожайностью

Variety Romano will please you with a yield

  • A stable percentage of yield.
  • The skin is well preserved during storage for a long time time.
  • Fruits of a beautiful red-violet hue, with white pulp.

Romano potatoes are planted in soil warmed up by the sun at a temperature of at least 15 degrees.


The Rocco variety differs from other types of potatoes in its external attractiveness, as it has a pronounced red color of tubers. Rocco is classified as a medium early ripening type. About 95% of marketable tubers are obtained from under one bush. It is recommended to store potatoes mainly in the cold season, since it grows quickly at warm temperatures. Vegetable growers are advised to plant this variety in warm and fertilized soil. To get a good result, it is not recommended to injure the vegetable or break off the sprouts. Rocco has a high percentage of resistance to infectious vegetable diseases. He loves moist soil, which must be maintained throughout the growth since the appearance of tubers.

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  • The shape of the fruit is oval.
  • Variety Rocco is unpretentious to climatic conditions.
  • The variety is resistant to various diseases.

According to available data, the yield level reaches 400 kg / ha. Mostly roccos are chosen by retailers.


Picasso potato belongs to a variety of tubers with a high yield. It is considered a medium late vegetable obtained from the Dutch selection. Has a great need for fertilized soils. The potato bush stands out for its trunk length and plentiful white flowering.


  • It retains its fruits for a long time in its original form, while maintaining taste and healing properties.
  • The shape of the tuber is oval and comfortable peeled.
  • Picasso species is resistant to common diseases.

Externally, the potatoes are yellow-red in color with red spots mainly in the eye area. Approximately 95% of the product is obtained from the bush.


It is worth noting the equally tasty type of potato that is popular in the central region of Russia. The variety is apparently round-shaped, with a standard fruit size of up to 130 grams. The pulp is white. The outside has small but frequent eyes.

Данный сорт может храниться целый год

This variety can be stored for a whole year

It looks similar to the following varieties:

  • Belorussian
  • Olev
  • Lorch


  • If you store the fruits in a suitable room and several varieties of potatoes at once, then the fruit species will remain sober for a whole year.
  • With proper planting and regular care, it gives you a plentiful harvest.
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Peter’s riddle

Nost riddle Peter grows well in the north-western part of Russia, and refers to the average grade of maturing (80-95 days). The purpose of the table, the starch content of 10-12.5%.The fruits are adapted for excessively wet and cold soils. In Russia, a variant of the riddle of St. Petersburg is the most common among all available varieties, due to its versatility and resistance to variable climates. The shape of the fruit is oblong. The top layer of the skin is pink. The inside is creamy pink.


  • In cooking, this kind of fruit is often combined with meat and vegetables of various kinds. Suitable for any dishes, as it has a sweetish flavor.
  • The percentage of yield is 300 c / ha.
  • It grows well in any conditions.

When preparing fruits for planting, you need to consider the following feature. In the spring, when preparing the seed, tubers should be taken from the storehouse not sprouted. It is best to germinate them slightly before planting, so that the tubers have short and strong shoots. Tubers that have overgrown with long sprouts over the winter are categorically unacceptable to sowing the variety Riddle Peter. It is also impossible to break off or damage the seedlings.

If you follow the correct technology for planting such a variety of potatoes, you can collect a plentiful and high-quality crop.


A species of Rodrigo matures in 70-85 days and belongs to the middle late species. Productivity from one hundred parts 450 kg. Rodrigo is a type of potato with red peel and yellow or white pulp.One fruit can weigh up to 800 grams with proper care. A variety of rodrigo has no drawbacks, as it is suitable for cultivation in any climate and on any soil. It is better to buy Rodrigo for those gardeners who want to get a plentiful harvest at the lowest cost, as well as those who live in the north of Russia.

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  • Equal fruits with a minimum number of eyes, perfect for mechanical cleaning.
  • Rodrigo can be used for cooking, frying and making French fries.
  • Outwardly, dark red tubers look very beautiful.


The description indicates that the variety is Ramona with red peel and white-yellow flesh. Matures in 80-100 days and belongs to the middle late species. Productivity per hundred square meters is small, only 100-150 kg. Variety Ramona suitable for the south of our country and tolerates heat and sustained drought. Fruits are oval in shape, weighing about 70-90 grams. Ramon fruits are suitable for mashed and frying.


  • Fruits and bushes are almost not attacked by the Colorado potato beetle.
  • You can get 2 crops in one season.
  • The variety is well transported and then stored for a long time.

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