How to use sprouted potatoes

For several decades now, doctors have claimed that eating sprouted potatoes is dangerous. Sprouts that break out of the eyes contain toxic substances that, when ingested, cause severe intoxication. Is it really so?

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  2. What to do with tubers
  3. How to cook sprouted potatoes
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Использование проросшего картофеля

Using sprouted potatoes

Are the sprouted potato tubers harmful / / h2>

In tubers, in tops and even potato flowers contains a dangerous substance – solanine.

The highest concentration Its content is observed during the vegetative period of the plant. During the harvest period, its level again decreases to safe, and its composition becomes full of a large number of useful microelements and vitamins.

If the product is stored in storage, the useful properties of tubers are preserved 4-5 months. After this, there is an increase in the level of solanine, characteristic of the development of a new vegetation period. Those. solanine level rises again. And this occurs most often in the winter months – January and February. The concentration of the poison is not evenly distributed. More than 90% of it falls on the skin of the tuber and its eye.

Negligence in the use of such a product, failure to comply with the rules of heat treatment threatens a person with severe poisoning.Symptoms are different:

  • headaches;
  • nausea;
  • vomiting;
  • weakness;
  • diarrhea;
  • fever.
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Avoid eating a greener tuber better. The concentration of poison in it is highest.

What to do with tubers

Every year, most of the people stockpile food for the winter.

Vegetables, including potatoes, bagged or wooden crates and left in a dark and cool place. But taking into account all the nuances of storing such a product does not always work. As a result, in winter part of the stock rots or sprouts. Rotten vegetables are sent to the trash, and uncertainties may arise with the sprouted.

What to do with sprouted tubers:

The first and most important part of the already greened food supply is left untouched until spring. Then it is useful for landing in the country. It is more dangerous to eat a greened product than the one that has sprouted, but has not yet lost its natural color. There are no vitamins in it, and the concentration of solanine becomes palpable. Even after prolonged cooking, the potatoes are very bitter.

The remaining stocks need to be sorted out on hard and softer, sluggish. Soft ones are used to feed livestock, used as raw materials for moonshine or disposed of. You can eat solid, given some of the nuances of cooking.

How to cook sprouted potatoes

There are conflicting opinions regarding whether it is possible to eat sprouted potatoes. Some people believe that it is harmless, others throw it away.

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If you find in your closet several potatoes of green sprouted potatoes, do not rush to cook it. It will be important to find out what the sanitary rules for its processing are.

There are several prohibitions on the use of spoiled product. A person must not:

  • eat raw sprouted potatoes;
  • make potato juices;
  • cook instant meals;
  • cook and fry unpeeled.
Проросший картофель можно кушать только варёным

Sprouted potatoes can be eaten only boiled

It is allowed to eat such a product only in boiled or stewed form. Heat treatment time – at least 30 minutes. Fans of fried potatoes will have to peel, boil the product for 15-20 minutes, and then fry. The same rules apply to baking.

In order to protect themselves from the harmful effects of glycoalkaloids, doctors recommend combining its use with products that neutralize toxins and promote their removal from the body. Such are: garlic, onions, turmeric, cabbage, etc.

There is one caveat – only adults can eat dishes from sprouted tubers. For children, such a product is contraindicated up to 3 years.

Traditional medicine

Don’t write off the cleaning with seedlings in the bin.

You still need them, especially who suffers from frequent joint pain: take the sprouted potatoes, carefully remove the shoots, and add them to the alcohol tincture

With this tool you can rub the sore spot or make compresses.

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The tincture is prepared like this:

  1. Take a glass container with a sealed lid.
  2. Pour 0.5 liters of vodka into it.
  3. Throw 2 tablespoons into the container crushed seedlings.
  4. The container is closed with a lid and sent to a dark, cool place to infuse.

The medicine is infused for 14 days. After, it is used for its intended purpose. It is better to tincture sore spots in the evening, before going to bed. It has a mild anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. With the use of such a medicine, a restless sleep before that will become strong and the patient will feel better.

Potatoes in the pet’s diet

Not only is this product harmful to humans, but and for animals.

Cats and dogs should not be given. Only fresh product is included in the diet of pets, in small quantities. If you give boiled potatoes mixed with the main feed no more than once a week, glycoalkaloids will not be threatened with health.

With rabbits, it’s different. Sprouted tuber is more dangerous for them than for humans.Only 0.6 g of solanine can kill the eared. They give potatoes only fresh, after the heat treatment, to those rabbits that are grown for meat and are not kept in the apartment. And it would be better to limit the inclusion of this product in the diet. They give it no more than once a week.


Sprouted potatoes are harmful, it is fraught with danger to human health. The white processes formed under the action of heat and sunlight contain poison – solanine. And its greatest concentration is in its skin and under the eyes. The use of such a product by a person has its own characteristics. To avoid possible poisoning, prolonged heat treatment of a vegetable purified from seedlings is necessary. Children under 3 years old, as well as pets, it is better not to give it.

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