Characteristics of potatoes variety Red Sonya

The dream of every inveterate gardener is a generous harvest and simple care for crops, including potatoes. Growing this vegetable will be a particularly pleasant process, if you pay due attention to the right choice of species. Consider the Red Sonya potato bred in Germany and its features.

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of the grade
  2. Planting potatoes
  3. Preparing for planting
  4. Important points
  5. Care for potatoes
  6. Pest control
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Характеристика картофеля сорта Ред Соня

Characteristics of Red Sonya potatoes

Advantages and disadvantages of the variety

An early seed variety pleases with rapid ripening (50-65 days) and an interesting appearance. I have nice yellow oval fruits t bright red smooth peel. Yield indicators say that you can get up to 450c fruits per hectare.

It stands out from other varieties due to these advantages:

  1. Ripening is much faster than any other species.
  2. The density of the pulp prevents the fruit from digesting during cooking.
  3. Red is very resistant to viruses, nematode. Not susceptible to potato cancer.
  4. Resistant to late blight, bumps and falls.

In fact, the only drawback that it has is the defeat of rhizoctonia. To prevent the disease, it is necessary to ensure that tomato, clover, cabbage, or sugar beets are not planted nearby.

Planting potatoes

The quality of the crop directly depends on the quality of the soil.Red grows and bears fruit only in loose soil saturated with minerals.

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Experienced gardeners argue that it is necessary to plant it at a distance of only 30 centimeters between the bushes and 75 centimeters between the rows.

Preparing for planting

As a rule, they are engaged in planting when the soil is warmed up to 8 degrees. Accordingly, days with a constant 10-degree air temperature are ideal for sowing.

Provide early harvest will help tubers germinated in advance. A month before the proposed landing, they should be moved to a room in which heat will always be stored. And immediately before planting, you need to carry out preventive etching from rhizoctonia.

To increase yield and protect the fruits dusting with ashes will also help.

Important points

There are several factors that you should not forget about:

  1. Vegetables need air. It should be planted in light soil no more than 8 centimeters, and in heavy soil – 5.
  2. It’s better to plant it up with the side on which there are more eyes.
  3. If you have to plant cut the fetus, it is recommended that on each half there are at least three indentations with growth buds.

Potato Care

Хороший урожай при правильном уходе

A good harvest with proper care

Tillage and watering are especially important for proper care. Soil moisture should be monitored closely, as the earth should always remain moderately moist. In no case should it be dry or too flooded.

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Before you start harvesting Red, ten days before this you will have to remove the tops from the plot. This will help make the skin stronger, stronger. This procedure is much faster and easier than chemical treatment.

Another feature of the variety is that it does not require an increased amount of nitrogen fertilizer. If the number of top dressings and their regularity depend on the quality of the soil and are not the basis for care (adding cow manure or bird droppings during planting is quite enough), then Red should be treated with prophylactic agents as often as possible.

Pest treatment

Despite the fact that the main point in the description of the advantages of the variety is resistance to disease, gardeners still need to protect the plant. It is enough for this to purchase special remedies for potato diseases, such as late blight.

It is also worth protecting the potatoes from the Colorado potato beetle. This pest is capable of depriving you of the entire crop in a short time.To process the garden, it is recommended that you consider some simple rules:

  1. Be careful. Do not keep food, drinks, or spraying poison in the presence of children.
  2. Use a special sprayer.
  3. The best weather for this procedure is dry and calm.
  4. Processing is carried out at least a month before the time of harvesting the potatoes.
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Red Sonia is undoubtedly one of the best representatives of the variety for home cultivation. Its excellent taste will decorate any dish. It is especially good when baking or frying.

All of his characteristics, including quick growth, easy maintenance, a good harvest, make him a favorite of gardeners.

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