Application of Lazurite from weeds on potatoes

Potatoes are the most popular vegetable crop grown in vegetable gardens around the world. Being a fairly unpretentious plant, it is quite suitable for mass planting in our country. However, we still have to deal with one of the problems – these are weeds: you won’t get a good crop on a neglected field. The most popular Weed Control Method is chemicals. Lapis lazuli from weeds on potatoes – what are its advantages?

Principle of action

The active ingredient of the drug is metribuzin. The chemical aims to destroy weeds through their seedlings, roots and foliage. This is a fundamental difference from mechanical processing, in which only the surface layer of weeds is removed, and the root system remains intact. The first rain will again bring the "pests" into activity. Poison after getting into the soil acts directly on the root, and also blocks the process of photosynthesis, depriving the weed grass of sunlight. It begins to fade and gradually dries out completely, giving the potato free breath. Many species are sensitive to the Lazurite weed remedy, such as dicotyledonous annuals and cereals (chamomile, quinoa, dandelion, ragweed, sow thistle), as well as perennial herbs. Used by gardeners to protect potatoes and tomatoes from weeds by controlling them.The farmer must remember that the preparation helps to clean the field, but is not fertilizer, and therefore in the empty soil with a low humus content it will not help the cultivation process.
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One of the main advantages of this herbicide is its safety for the crop itself with an effective destructive impact on the weed. However, for the correct action of the drug, the user must clearly follow the instructions.

Operating rules

The herbicide is a chemical agent, and therefore it should be handled very carefully, following all points. If Lazurite is used correctly, neither people nor plants will suffer from weeds.
  1. The time when you should start using the drug is before potato seedlings, before they rise 5 cm above the ground (about 75% of seedlings ) As the culture grows, its protection against the chemical weakens - that is why timely treatment is so important.
  2. You can’t loosen the soil after spraying so that the drug does not move to the lower layers, where its effect is ineffective.
  3. So that heavy rainfall does not wash the drug out of the ground, seedlings should be hung. Drought also negatively affects the action of metribuzin.
  4. A little irrigation is still necessary - so that the particles of the substance spread in the soil.
  5. There is an established dosage of the diluted spray preparation, which must be strictly adhered to. According to the instructions for potatoes, it is 250-300 liters per 1 ha.During the first treatment, 10 g of substance is consumed per 3 l of water per 100 m2. At the second stage, 10 g of the drug and 9 l of water are added to the above ratio. The maximum concentration of the working solution should not be higher than 0.5%.
Two methods of using the herbicide differ in the number of stages of spraying procedures. Two-step described above: one-time involves the consumption of funds from 0.8 to 17 kg per ha. Care must be taken to ensure that the poison does not get into the vegetable crop, so it should be hidden deep in the ground. Moisten the soil and wait for the ridges to settle.
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Опрыскивание лучше проводить в сухую погоду

Spraying is best done in dry weather

With Lazurit weed, you can process potato plants up to two times per season. For early varieties, experts advise using the minimum dose, the maximum - respectively, for later, planted in fertile soil. Lapis lazuli dissolves well when mixed in water.
The ideal weather conditions for the action of Lazurite are dry, let's say light rain. It is applied to the soil already in finished form, made immediately before use. You can not store the finished solution. The effect of action is observed on average 15 days after treatment and fits within a period of two months. It is the only one of the similar drugs, the use of which is allowed in private households.

Application Summary

By timely and technically correct application of Lazurite, the farmer will be able to defeat not only the first, but also the second batch of weed pests. When the potato tops close, it will be too late for the spread of annual weeds. In addition to combating them, the tool helps to prevent a disease such as late blight, which negatively affects the yield and preservation of the plant. On peat and bog soils, the treatment is carried out after germination. During a fungal disease of a plant, attacks by its parasites, after experienced frosts or moisture problems, all actions are prohibited - only after recovery. There are too sensitive varieties of potatoes that can be severely damaged during the persecution procedure.


After treating the field with a chemical solution of the third safety class (moderate) people and animals should not appear there earlier than on the fourth day. If the required safety measures are followed, no one will be hurt.
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It is absolutely not worthwhile to carry out processing in strong winds, since it can expand the area of ​​action of Lazurite. The contractor, before the process having read the instructions for use of the substance, is obliged to wear a protective suit and glasses, use an oxygen mask or gauze bandage - minimum protection. It is forbidden to smoke and eat food during the procedure.

Where to buy

You can buy Lapis lazuli from weed growth in almost any garden store at an affordable price. The form of its release is sachets of wettable powder (SP) with a volume of 10 and 20 g. Such a consistency has economic advantages: suspensions adhere well to plants and hold firmly to them, so the waste of the powder is minimal. Instantly soluble in water and do not form lumps. Shelf life is 5 years. The instructions for use give recommendations on the operation, storage and transportation of metribuzin, as well as how many times it should be used.

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Zenor analogs containing the same active substance are Zencor , Antisapa, Artist, Seliphit and others. Excipients in each of them determine the specific action of these drugs.

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Chemical elimination of weed grass is considered the most effective method of control. However, do not forget about the insecurity of this path.Therefore, gardening experts recommend poisoning only in emergency situations.

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