Characteristics of Yanko potatoes

The most popular varieties of potatoes are mid-season. Gardeners do not need to rush with the planting of tubers to obtain products, as with the early varieties. And harvesting late-ripened potatoes may coincide with the rainy season. Mid-ripening varieties such as Janka potatoes are planted in sun-warmed land, take care measures on summer days, and are harvested when it is still warm and dry.Therefore, bushes grow with strong plants, and tubers, for development, have enough light and moisture, the harvest is clean, without autumn dirt.

  1. Characteristics of Yanko potatoes
  2. Positive qualities
  3. Potato deficiencies
  4. Description of the plant
  5. Preparing the area for planting
  6. Preparing the tubers for planting
  7. Growing potatoes Yanka
  8. Conclusion

Characteristics of Yanko potatoes

Yankee variety for table use. In addition to the average yield, it has other features.

  1. From planting tubers to harvesting takes no more than 100 days.
  2. Commodity tubers of almost the same mass, about 100 g.
  3. Collect up to 250c / ha.
  4. Suitable for all types of cooking.

Excellent taste, the presence of 17% starch and 0.4 sugar in creamy potatoes colors, allows you to use tubers for cooking various dishes such as casseroles and potato zrazy, potato pancakes and dumplings, and much more.

Positive qualities

The main advantage of a potato is its excellent taste. But the characteristics of the advantages include many points.

  1. The ability to grow on various soils.
  2. Immunity to the main viruses.
  3. Pest resistance.
  4. It responds well to fertilizer application.
  5. The variety is resistant to mechanical stress and damage.
  6. The tubers are preserved until the new crop.
  7. They are distinguished by good transportability.

Growing, variety Yanka, on any soil throughout the country, you will notice that the yield varies depending on weather conditions.

Maps Fel, even in the rainy season, it is not damaged mosaic virus, leaf roll. Also, it does not respond to potato cancer, ordinary scab of tubers and S virus, which, when mixed with other viruses, can reduce productivity by 2 times.

The golden potato cyst nematode does not parasitize on the roots of this plant. The wireworm, garden moth and the bear also eat neither tubers, nor leaves, nor potato rhizomes. Nevertheless, one should not take risks, but it is better to observe crop rotation and treat the soil with insecticides before planting potatoes.

By fertilizing plantings on time, gardeners achieve higher yields because more tubers are formed in the bushes, and their weight also increases.

If you accidentally harvest tubers are damaged, then after drying the slices they are well stored. Potatoes are not injured during mechanical cleaning. This allows you to grow the Yanka variety in large areas and harvest it using potato harvesters.

Potato deficiencies

Along with the advantages, the variety also has some negative qualities.

  1. The bush forms few tubers.
  2. Both plant and tubers can be affected by late blight.
  3. Poorly tolerates the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae.
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It is precisely on the number of tubers that form in dry and not fertilized soil that the yield decreases. But with proper watering and sufficient top dressing, you can achieve a stable yield of products that characterize this potato.

Rains can cause late blight of stems and leaves. When this happens, they fight it with chemicals.

Description of the plant

Yana bushes grow to 60cm. Stems erect, but have a tendency to partial tilt. The shape of the stem is ribbed, and the color is green with yellow. A lot of leaves are formed on the bush, medium sized, potato type. The color of the leaves is light green, matte.The lower part of the bush is often exposed when there is insufficient lighting.

The tops of each stem carry bunches of simple flowers. Their corollas are half fused in a delicate white color. Pollination occurs naturally. Settled berries can completely fall off. This property of the plant causes great damage during seed propagation of potatoes at breeding stations.

Each bush forms up to 12 tubers. In the stage of technical maturity, they are oval, rich yellow in color. The peel of potatoes is slightly mesh. On the surface, small cavities are almost invisible, in which, over time, the eyes grow. They are small, white in color with pink buds continued.

Preparation of the area for planting

On fertile lands, only humus is added to the soil, 35 buckets per hundred square meters. Clay soil can be ennobled by introducing screenings, wood ash and mullein, which has been in a compost pit for a couple of years. But it’s better to create earth ridges with these additives on which to fill holes or dig holes.

Почву нужно подготовить к посадке

The soil needs to be prepared for planting

Recommendations of experts say that the distance between the ridges should not be less than 60 cm and it is desirable to position them, orienting from north to south. With this arrangement, the rows will be well lit all day, which will allow the plant to produce chlorophyll and feed the tubers.

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Between the landing pits leave about 25cm. Their maximum depth is 10-12 cm, for medium-sized seed potatoes.

A handful of ash and onion husks are added to each hole, which repels pests. You also need to add a mixture of mineral fertilizers, 1 tsp each. per well, and if on 1 m², then 35 g each:

  • ammonium nitrate;
  • nitroammophoski;
  • azofoski;
  • potassium salt.

A large amount of nitrogen fertilizers can trigger bush growth. It will be luxurious, with large stems and leaves. But, fruit tubers, when harvested, will be weak and small.

Preparing the tubers for planting

A month before planting, you need to inspect the planting material for damage and rot. Only healthy potatoes that have not lost turgor during storage are allowed to reproduce. They are laid out in boxes in 1 or 2 layers and exposed to light for gardening and germination at a temperature of 15 ° C.

When the sprouts reach 3cm in height, they are treated with Prestige and planted in prepared landing pits. They are carefully sprinkled with soil so as not to damage the fragile sprouts. Then the surface is leveled with a rake.

Growing Yanko potatoes

After emergence, take measures to care for the plants.

  1. Weed weeding is required , hilling and loosening of soil.
  2. In arid regions it is necessary to water areas with potatoes at least 3 times.
  3. Even fertile soils are fertilized 2 times during the growing season.
  4. As pests appear, keep struggle with them.
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To hush bushes is possible in the presence of shoots. Secondarily spud up to a height of 10 cm, with the formation of buds. The third time you can conduct this procedure when the berries ripen on the bushes. Weeding and loosening of soil is carried out as needed. Weeds are left between rows, they serve as green dressing and as mulch. Loosening is necessary for better penetration of air into the lower soil layers.

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Watering the plantings is almost always combined with top dressing. For this, complex mineral fertilizers or rotted mullein and chicken droppings are used. They are bred 1:15 and insisted on warm for about 2 days. The prepared mixture can also be diluted 1: 0.5 with water so that do not burn plants and then water under the root.

The description says that for the prevention of viruses and diseases, even if the variety is resistant to they use ash, which is pollinated by plantings. Viruses are most often transported by aphids, therefore it is necessary to spray the bushes with broad-acting insecticides that will kill the Colorado potato beetle and its larvae. To combat insects, they get Antizhuk, Aktara, Colorado Forte and other drugs. calm weather, strictly following the recipe for cooking and not forgetting personal protective equipment. By following the correct agricultural practices, you can grow up to 400c / ha. When laying products for storage, do not worry that the tubers will lose their presentation, become flabby and tasteless.

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It is not at all difficult to grow a large ecologically clean crop. You need to follow the recommendations for growing potatoes and make every effort in order to get tasty and healthy vegetables.This will help with a description of the characteristics of the Yanka variety and the features of the care of potatoes, which no housewife can do without.

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