What is the calorie content of potatoes per 100 grams

High calorie content is believed potato makes it unsuitable for a diet. However, this is not entirely true. The calorie content of potatoes largely depends on the method of its preparation and the type of additives used in cooking.

  1. Features of the composition
  2. Cooked
  3. Fried
  4. Baked
  5. Reduce calories

Калорийность картофеля

Calorie content of potato

Features of the composition

Calorie content of potatoes that have not been cooked is 76-80 kcal per 100 g (1 medium-sized potato contains 140-150 kilocalories.) According to the BZHU table, one hundred grams of the product contains a little more than 16 grams of carbohydrates (even in raw potatoes have a high glycemic index.) Proteins in raw potatoes are contained in an amount of 2 grams, and the proportion of fat is 0.4-0.5 grams.

The carbohydrates present in this product are starch. type of simple carbohydrates, which contribute to rapid saturation, but provoke a sharp release of insulin and the formation of additional fat cells. In this regard, the amount of potatoes in the diet must be limited, and the product itself must be properly prepared and combined.

But the content of nutrients in the potato is so high (vitamins, amino acids and an almost complete set of trace elements we need) that it’s not worth it completely refuse to use it.

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Potatoes boiled in the peel have the lowest calorie content – 78-82 kcal per 100 g. I must say that when boiling in tubers, the largest amount of vitamins and minerals is preserved.

How many calories are in potatoes cooked without skin? 100 grams of the product boiled in water contains 82-85 kilocalories, and if the potatoes were boiled in milk, the energy value will be 95 kcal (plus minus 1 – 2 kcal, depending on the fat content of the milk).

Calorie content of young potatoes is the lowest: in 100 grams of raw product contains 61-62 kcal, in boiled – 66-67.

The energy value of tubers increases with age in old root crops that lay in the cellar all winter, the kilocalories are much higher than those just dug up. The calorie content of crushed potatoes or mashed potatoes largely depends on additional ingredients. So, in a diet puree cooked on water no more than 95-100 kcal, but in a classic puree (with milk and butter) the same indicator is 130 -135.


Калорийность увеличивается

Calorie content increases

Calorie content of potatoes during frying increases several times.On average, it is 192-195 kcal per 100 g (1 tuber fried contains 350-370 kcal), but much depends on the type and amount of fat that is used for frying. If you generously pour vegetable oil into a frying pan, the figure per 100 g will increase to 205-210. Using animal fats (lard or fat), we increase the calorie content of fried potatoes to 220-230.

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When frying, the volume of fast carbohydrates in the product sharply rises to 23-24 g, and the glycemic index rises to 95. Amount protein increases slightly – up to 2-3 gr., but fat – up to 9-10 gr. The worst situation is with french fries – its energy value exceeds 300-315 kcal per 100 g. As for chips, they can reach 500 or more.


The calorie content of baked potatoes in a peel without adding oil is about the same as that of boiled potato (in one baked a medium-sized tuber contains about 160 kcal). At the same time, vitamins and minerals are well preserved. When baking tubers without a peel, we usually add additional ingredients to them: vegetable or butter, lard, sour cream, minced meat, cheese, etc., which significantly increases the energy value of the dish.

How many calories are in baked potatoes with a minimum amount of vegetable oil? Depending on the type of the latter, the indicator varies from 110 to 130.The energy value of a dish increases rapidly if it is baked with lard or clarified fat.

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Reduce calories

  1. To reduce the calorie content of the dish, cook it with a small amount of vegetable oil, preferably olive.
  2. To minimize the amount of fat, use utensils with special coatings (Teflon, ceramic, etc.) for cooking.
  3. Before frying potatoes, preferably reduce the starch content in it. To do this, chopped pieces must be washed with water and dried. (Cr In addition, without excess starch it will be easier to cook – the pieces will no longer stick to the pan.) A slightly more useful version of this dish will be slightly fried potatoes after five minutes of cooking.
  4. The number of calories in the cooked potato can be adjusted using for the dish low-fat ingredients, for example, you can make mashed potatoes in skim milk and light butter, and pour boiled tubers with a couple of spoons of low-fat sour cream, homemade fermented baked milk or kefir.
  5. Since young potatoes are delicious in itself, it zhno no flavor any fat and just sprinkle with fresh herbs. In addition, young potatoes are not only healthier, but also tastier to eat separately from other products.
  6. A portion of fresh lettuce or cabbage will be the best addition to the potatoes.It is not recommended to combine it with meat, fish, eggs and tomatoes.
  7. Do not abuse salt when cooking, especially when frying root crops. Salt itself does not increase the energy value of a dish, but it can retain water in the body, causing swelling and interfering with normal metabolism, which in turn negatively affects health and weight loss.
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