Methods of hilling potatoes with a walk-behind tractor

One of the main processes for good potato growth is its hilling. In addition, such a process is not simple when the question is about a large percentage of the area. The procedures are carried out, as in the manual way (thanks to the chopper and hoe), and in the automatic (using the cultivator or walk-behind tractor). Hobbing potatoes with a walk-behind tractor is a reliable and easy way to care for plants.

  1. Tillage procedure
  2. Processing stages
  3. Processing by the motor block
  4. Types of the motor block
  5. Hilling process
  6. Positive aspects
  7. Conclusion <

Окучивание картофеля мотоблоком

Hilling potatoes with the motor block

The procedure of cultivating the soil

Soil cultivation is a procedure that must be carried out continuously. The main feature of this process is that at the moment of dusting Ki of the main stalks of potatoes to loosen the ground gently. Hobbing with a walk-behind tractor – is only done during the active growth of the bush, and until it reaches a certain growth.

If a person wants a healthy and large crop, it is necessary that the roots go as you can have more air and oxygen, this is important. Gardeners also argue that hobbing potatoes with a walk-behind tractor is a great way, which helps to get rid of unnecessary plants in some part, and can protect bushes from sudden frosts and at the same time accelerate the ripening and development of the bush.

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Processing stages

At least 3 procedures must be performed in one season.

  1. The first hilling of potatoes with a walk-behind tractor must be carried out precisely when the bush is higher than 15 cm in height .According to experts, usually such growth falls at the end of May, sometimes at the very beginning of June. The very first time that you loosen the soil, you need to understand that the layer of dusted earth cannot be 10 cm. If you take a little deeper, this will lead to the fact that the shoots will not develop well and, as a result, you will get a little from one bush fruits.
  2. When the potato plant exceeds 25-30 cm, then you need to carry out the second stage of processing the bush. Usually in good weather and proper care, the second plowing occurs after 2-3 weeks.
  3. Last treatment for the season – often gardeners skip this stage, although experts do not recommend this. The essence of this process is no different from the first stage, you just need to sprinkle the stems much higher than in the first one by 15-20 cm. A walk-behind tractor for hilling potatoes should be convenient for you.

When it happens such a procedure, the gardener must definitely see what condition the land is in. The main thing is that it should not be too dry or wet. The best option is a land that has moderately soft soil. Not all gardeners know how to properly spud potatoes with a walk-behind tractor and therefore often damage the roots.

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Handling by a walk-behind tractor

Удобная вещь

Convenient thing

A walk-behind tractor is a great thing, which simplifies this process of cultivating the land.If you have a field of several tens of hundred parts, then in the manual method, at least, you will process the site all day. But, if the whole process is carried out using a block, then this can be done in a couple of hours. But a person should understand that the main thing is to conduct the treatment correctly, and then you can expect a positive result.

In addition, there are various devices for this design, the process itself will depend on the type and its methods. With the help of a walk-behind tractor, potatoes can be spudded easily – this is a great way to remove weeds.

Loosening occurs thanks to a sharp tool that produces the process of loosening. All elements of such a device are ordinary, some gardeners even manage to make such a tool with their own hands, but it quickly breaks and does not produce the desired effect.

Types of walk-behind tractor

There are two main types :

  • cultivating potatoes with a plow-shaped motoblock;
  • we cultivate potatoes with a disk-shaped motoblock.

They have striking differences among themselves, and their working methods slightly different from each other.

Hilling by a plow-shaped walk-behind tractor

This species is divided into two types: single-row and double-row projectile loader. Speaking about working with the first one, you will need to immediately worry about its settings. It is necessary to make the angles of attack and its depth (from 10 to 15 cm). Depth is the process that the blades will later immerse into.After you have built all the parameters, then you can already begin the process of work. To begin the process, the tool itself needs to be planted slightly in the ground.

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In this position, the tool must be constantly during the work process. If for some reason the structure during operation will be above the ground, then it must be lowered, for this it will be necessary to deflect the entire rack a little back. And when the hiller is too deep, then you need to tilt the rack forward.

A single-row hiller is generally similar to the previous version. Their only difference is in appearance – it looks like half a two-row. The principle of operation is the same, only in this case the time for hilling up will take 2 times longer.

Hilling with a disk walk-behind tractor

The appearance of this device resembles a frame on two wheels, to which two disks are suspended . To work with such a tool, you need to master two functions and two parameters. The first thing a person needs to figure out is how much distance should be between the disks and this will help you significantly. Typically, the distance between the discs depends on which kind of potato and which variety. Experts advise to keep the distance between them approximately 45-65 cm.

Important factor: do not forget to adjust the angle of attack and its rotation, which should be.The angle of attack should be kept the same for all earthing disks, because if you configure them incorrectly, then they will crash into each other. Work with this hiller has a number of features:

  • due to the fact that the discs rotate, the earth loosens;
  • the ridges become higher and more even;
  • the energy from The walk-behind tractor consumes a little;
  • even a novice can use it.
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The process of hilling

When it comes to the hitching itself, the plow already all your tools must be cooked. The main thing to do is to install several baking powder before the main structure. But behind the walk-behind tractor, install the hiller – the one that was chosen for cultivating the land. After all the procedures have already been completed, it will be possible to start working with tools. It is necessary to place the entire tool exclusively in the middle, between all rows of potatoes and start working at the lowest possible speed, and after that you can be sure that the machine is working.

The process of hilling takes place to the end of the entire bed, after which the whole structure must be carefully deployed and go to the next beds strictly in the middle. Experts say that once going through the bed is enough for the first treatment.

But if you go the second time, then a high percentage of the gardener will touch the roots of the fruit, and then all the tubers will be damaged.If you know in advance that you will be processing the walk-behind tractor with a motoblock for hilling potatoes, then the gardener should plant the seedlings correctly, as cleaning the walk-behind tractors is possible only if there is a distance of 60-80 cm between the bushes.

Positive aspects

Hilling is one of the most basic stages for the development of healthy bushes and fruits. And even though there may be some disadvantages in such work, there is no way to do without cultivating the land. With the help of the walk-behind tractor it will be possible to remove weeds, in addition, it can be used for excellent processing, which takes much less time than you did manually.

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The walk-behind tractor plays the main role, your main task is to correctly customize and enter it along all rows. This method will not be able to harm the roots and fruits of the bush and at the same time the minimum cost of both time and energy. Gardeners praise MTZ from the producer Centaur, excellent ears, hiller, eye for work. Among the cultivators praise the model Neva, Salute and Ugra. There is a large selection of motoblocks, and you can easily choose the one that suits you perfectly, and it will be convenient for you to process and care for bushes and soil. Lugs are used to drive the wheels well.


Hilling is not the most difficult thing, the main thing is to understand how the whole process occurs, to worry about beds in advance, so that the fruits can be planted at a certain distance. Each person can spud potatoes with a walk-behind tractor, the most important thing is to correctly install the tool above the ground and not deeply plant it, and do not forget about the lugs. There are designs with one wheel and hiller, there may also be an eye.

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