Characteristics of Farmer Potatoes

Every gardener wants to have a variety in his collection that ripens very early and makes it possible to enjoy boiled young potatoes in June. Farmer potatoes belong to such early varieties.

  1. Description of the Farmer potato
  2. Advantages and disadvantages
  3. Potato cultivation
  4. Growing seedlings from seeds
  5. Planting seedlings in open ground
  6. Planting tubers
  7. Potato care
  8. Watering and hilling
  9. Fertilizing <
  10. Treatment for diseases and pests
  11. Conclusion

Характеристика картофеля сорта Фермер

Characteristics of the farmer potato

This variety possesses excellent consumer qualities, formed as a result of long-term folk selection.The variety is not included in the State Register of the Russian Federation, but is very popular among gardeners.

Description of the Farmer potato

The Farmer potato variety has a very early ripening period. The growing season is 50-60 days, but with high quality planting material and favorable climatic conditions, the first crop can be obtained after 40 days.

The bush is medium-sized, compact. Leaves of bright green color with drawn veins and slightly wavy edge. White flowers are collected in small inflorescences.

Each plant forms 10-15 oval-elongated potatoes weighing from 90 to 110 g. Tubers are approximately the same size, small ones are formed. The skin is thin, light brown in color. Eyes are shallow. The pulp is light yellow. Starch contains a moderate amount (9-12%), which allows the use of potatoes for cooking various dishes, including diet food.

Advantages and disadvantages

Potato yield Farmer table variety depends on many factors: seed quality, soil characteristics, crop rotation, agricultural technology. On average, they collect more than 20 t / ha. Description of its advantages will convince you of the need for breeding in the country, in the farm. The main advantages:

  • very early ripening, the opportunity to get the first crop as early as May or June (depending on the region and planting dates);
  • excellent taste;
  • suitable for cultivation in regions with different climatic conditions;
  • resistance to degeneration: seeds can be used for 5-6 years without renewal, while plants will not lose their varietal characteristics;
  • good keeping quality: subject to strict observance of the temperature regime (about 2 ° C) 90% of tubers retain the goods s quality;
  • immunity to a large number of potato diseases: golden nematode and potato cancer, viruses and fungi.

Potato Farmer is a variety that has virtually no flaws. A feature is the exactingness for fertility and systematic moisture of the soil.

Potato cultivation

The farmer is planted in soil that has warmed up to a temperature of 10 ° C. The most favorable conditions for the development of culture are warm, but not hot weather (15-20 ° C), frequent but not heavy rains.

The practice of propagating this variety by growing seedlings from seeds is common. Both planting tubers and obtaining seedlings will lead to the desired result, subject to certain rules.

Growing seedlings from seeds

Using seeds for breeding potatoes allows you to save genetic information, improve characteristics varieties. Sowing material is purchased from reliable suppliers or collected independently from berries formed on the strongest bushes after flowering.

How seeds are prepared for sowing:

  • soaked in water for 2-3 days (you can add growth stimulants), at the same time they harden; for this, the seed container is kept at room temperature during the day, placed in the refrigerator for the night;
  • the hatched seeds are laid out on a damp cloth and kept warm for several days so that the roots grow;
  • sowing the material is planted in containers with loose moistened soil: they are laid out on the surface and sprinkled with a small layer of sand or light soil;
  • cover the tray with film or glass, create a mini-greenhouse that is left in a warm place, aired once a day and moisturize slightly as millet Khania;
  • after the appearance of the first shoots, you need to take care of good lighting so that the seedlings do not stretch out, protect from drafts and rotting of the roots.

Young shoots need to be handled carefully, since the root system is very weak. In order to prevent the defeat of small plants by diseases, for example, a black leg, timely preventive measures are taken (pickling, thinning plants, aeration, etc.), seedlings are treated with antifungal or antibacterial drugs.

Planting seedlings in open ground

После заморозков можно высаживать рассаду

After frost, seedlings can be planted

Before planting seedlings of potatoes in open ground, they are pickled. With the advent of two or three true leaves, each plant is placed in a separate cup or pot with a drainage hole. For the full development of the root system, the soil must be very light and loose. Vegetable growers recommend using a mixture of 1 part of land and 4 parts of peat.

Seedlings can be transplanted to the garden with the termination of night frosts. How to do it right:

  • dig a hole 10 cm deep, sprinkle it with humus, pour a small amount of water; the plants are placed in the ground so that three leaves remain above the ground, then covered with a film until they are firmly in the soil;
  • water the seedlings often, but do not allow stagnation of water; after watering, weeds must be loosened and destroyed;
  • hilling is carried out twice a season.

In the first year, it is not possible to get a large crop from seedlings (potatoes grow the size of a chicken egg) , but in subsequent years, the economy will be provided with high-quality planting material. According to the reviews of potato growers, propagation of seeds by seed is a very laborious process that requires exact adherence to technology. But excellent varietal qualities, elite potatoes, are an important result.

Planting with tubers

The bed is prepared in the fall: they dig and fertilize. Vegetable growers recommend not to leave planting of this crop in one place for more than 2-3 years, and not to place them next to beds of other nightshade. Humus, peat, wood ash are added to the soil before planting.

Preplanting preparation of tubers of this variety, germination and dressing, does not have features. Farmer planting holes are placed at a distance of 60 cm, between the bushes it’s enough to leave 20-25 cm. To save valuable planting material, you can cut the tubers into pieces, while the knife is moistened in a saturated solution of potassium permanganate.

Potato care

A high-quality and early harvest of this potato variety can be obtained by creating favorable conditions for the development of the crop.

Watering and hilling

Potato Farmer feels great at low summer temperatures. Early ripening allows you to bypass the July heat. Culture is demanding on moisture. It is not recommended to allow drying of the soil. Watering plants in a timely manner is necessary especially during the formation of tubers. According to reviews of vegetable growers, the use of drip irrigation system is effective.

At least two times you need to spud potatoes, sprinkling high ridges. In this case, the soil must be loosened and weeds are destroyed. Mulching with mowed grass or straw helps maintain moisture and inhibits weed growth.


Feeding potatoes of this variety is carried out according to general rules. During the season, fertilizers must be applied at least two to three times. Fertilize for the first time a couple of weeks after the appearance of overhead shoots, then during flowering and tying of tubers.

The plant responds to organics and inorganic fertilizers. Gardeners use mineral and complex fertilizers: urea, superphosphate, potassium sulfate, ash, ammophos, etc. A good result is given to diluted manure or bird droppings, herbal infusion. Foliar top dressing is also carried out.

Treatment for diseases and pests

The culture is resistant to many diseases. From late blight save early harvest. When the first signs of this disease appear, it is recommended to dig up the tubers. Preventive measures help – proper crop rotation, soil preparation and seedling treatment with fungicides.

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The main pests of potatoes, especially in the south, is the Colorado potato beetle. With a large number of beetles, when mechanical methods of control do not help, the beds are treated with insecticides several times a season.


Knowing the Farmer’s growing technology will help provide the family with early high-quality potatoes . With a little effort, you can cultivate elite potatoes in your garden for several years.

The reduced ripening time will allow you to get two crops of this crop in the summer. This result can be achieved in regions with different climates and weather conditions.

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