The use of azofoski in growing potatoes

Having a developed root system, most of which is located at a depth of 0.25 m, the potato crop prefers a land rich in mineral components. Fertilize the soil with the required nutrients will be able to fertilizer, which contains nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur. In this case, the azofoska for potatoes is an ideal composition that fertilizes the soil with all these components.

  1. Characteristic of the drug
  2. Advantages
  3. Composition and properties
  4. Use <
  5. Types of preparation
  6. NPK 16:16:16
  7. NPK 19: 9: 19
  8. NPK 22:11:11
  9. Feeding rules
  10. Fertilizer standards
  11. Insertion order

Characteristic of the preparation

Azofoska used to feed potatoes and other gardening culture, may be white or with a light pinkish tinge.

The drug is packaged with non-absorbent granules 1-5 mm in size. The substance does not cake even for a long period of storage, is readily soluble in liquid and is almost completely absorbed by plants.

It is recommended to store the drug in a cool, dark place in vacuum or closed with a tight container lid. Proper storage will ensure the effectiveness of the active substances.


The drug has established itself in gardeners as a highly effective means of nutrition for plants due to several advantages:

  • in the complex are collected the main active ingredients that help plants to grow and bear fruit properly, enriching the soil without the need for additional fertilizer complexes,
  • ballastless fertilizer dissolves well and does not form precipitation,
  • complete digestibility reduces the rate of drug consumption ,
  • mineral complex strengthens the root system,
  • granules retain their original appearance even after prolonged storage,
  • the drug increases the resistance of plants to diseases,
  • active substances help the plant increase flowering,
  • nutrient components remain effective even with a large amount of precipitation,
  • the complex is included in the list of affordable price products.
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Composition and properties

The drug belongs to complex mineral compounds, which are based on three main substances useful for potato culture:

  • potassium salt,
  • nitrogen,
  • phosphoric acid.

The total useful combination of the use of azofoska for potatoes is 45-50%, and each active ingredient in it is in equal proportions of 16%.In addition to the listed beneficial ingredients, the preparation contains sulfur.

An effective bait for growing a potato culture will saturate a plant with a powerful root system with useful components, giving impetus to the development of the plant and accelerating the process of tuber ripening.

The fertilizer mineral complex is non-toxic in nature, difficult to combust, therefore it is considered safe to use.


Usefulness of the complex when applied as a top dressing for potatoes due to several reasons ami:

  • the mineral composition has a general strengthening effect that helps to resist the influence of external factors, such as drought and frost,
  • fertilizer improves the quality of potato nutritional value,
  • useful components increase the productivity of potato crops,
  • effective components allow the potato to retain its marketable appearance for a long time and increase keeping quality, preventing rot during storage.

Single application fertilizer keeps a long time useful with soil properties.

Types of preparation

Вид удобрения зависит от сорта картошки

The type of fertilizer depends on the type of potato

The mineral preparation has several varieties, they select the necessary one, taking into account the needs for growing potato crops.The conditions for its use depend on this. The species used in growing potatoes differ in the number of active beneficial components of the NPK composition included in them, where N is the nitrogen component, P is phosphorus, K is the potassium element.

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NPK 16:16:16

This is the type of preparation in which the active elements are collected in a classic amount and proportions that allow it to be used in growing potato crops. This variety of azofoska is also often used in the cultivation of other root crops and vegetables and fruit trees.

NPK 19: 9: 19

In this type of fertilizer mineral complex, active substances includes a smaller amount of phosphorus element, because the variety is used to fertilize soil soils where potatoes are grown that are already saturated with the phosphorus component. Often, a variety of azofoski NPK 19: 9: 19 is used in arid regions with a warm, stable climate, then the washing out of the phosphorus element from the soil under such conditions is minimal, unlike in those places where phosphorus leaves the earth along with prolonged rains.

NPK 22:11:11

This kind of preparation includes a large amount of nitrogen element, which, together with small proportions of phosphorus and potassium, restores the soil fertility even on the most neglected lands.This type of fertilizer is in demand for intensive cultivation of potato crops with annual use of the sown area, in which the land gets tired and needs to be fed with nutrients.

Feeding rules

For potatoes rich in nutrients azofoska is the main fertilizer, the application rate and order of which can vary and depend on some factors.

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Fertilizer standards

When fertilizing the soil with azofos when growing potatoes, it should be noted that :

  • on poor nutrition land, the fertilizer application rate increases,
  • when alternating the azofoska for potatoes with organic nutrients, its dosage for feeding decreases.

Instructions for azofoske contains information calculated for normal soil without using additional sources of bait:

  • when fertilizing the sown area, the standard consumption of the drug is 30-45g per 1 sq. m of land,
  • when making fertilizer when planting potatoes seedlings with tubers, the rate of fertilizer applied directly to earthen holes is 4 g per well,
  • the root bait of an azophos potato culture dissolved in water requires a concentration of the drug in a proportion of 2-3 g of the substance per liter volume of water.

Order of application

The use of azofoska for fertilizing potatoes differs from how the drug is used for other vegetable crops and fruit The mineral complex is used once, in one step, carrying out the procedure immediately before planting potatoes or in the fall, at the time of the preparatory stage of soil when digging the earth. I am on the surface of the earth in the previously indicated quantities.

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