The technology of growing potatoes in bags

Potato is a welcome guest on any table, so any gardener is interested in the technology of growing it. Today mastered the methods of planting it in a box and under straw structures, nesting, options for a trench and a ridge. But there is another profitable option, how to grow a crop.The technology of growing potatoes in bags has a lot of advantages and features, is an affordable way to plant this cultivated plant.

  1. Advantages of the
  2. Difficulties in growing
  3. How to avoid difficulties
  4. Instructions for growing
  5. Caring for seedlings

Технология выращивания картофеля в мешках

Technology of growing potatoes in bags

Benefits method

Choosing the method of growing the culture, any gardener is trying to pick up the most profitable. The obvious advantage of growing potatoes in bags is saving space.

The obvious advantage of growing potatoes in bags is also that there is no need for rooting. In addition, it is not necessary to clear the land of weeds.

An important factor is the lack of late blight, which annoys the fruits growing on ordinary beds. Unlike tubers located in a summer cottage, bagged potatoes are not affected by the Colorado potato beetle, bear and other creatures that can harm the plant.

The method of growing potatoes in bags implies that you do not need to dig up the tubers.To extract the crop, simply turn the container over or cut it. The remaining soil is scattered in the beds.

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Difficulties in growing

One of the main tasks is to provide seedlings with sunlight. This means that you need to choose a site abundant in heat and without drafts, before you grow potatoes in bags so that the tubers do not disappear.

How to avoid difficulties

Растениям необходим своевременный полив

Plants need timely watering

Plants need quality watering. Humidity control is the main success criterion for growing potatoes in bags.

The technology assumes stability, so the material for the container must be durable and reliable.

The technology requires a sufficient amount of nutrient soil, which periodically needs fertilizer and care.

Growing instructions

Potatoes are planted at the end of April. A step-by-step plan for growing the crop is as follows:

  • Lay loose soil and humus at the bottom of the container, intended for planting potatoes in bags. A layer of 35 cm is enough. The capacity should be about 10 buckets.
  • Fruits or tubers with eyes are planted in the resulting mixture in vertical beds, then again covered with an insignificant layer of soil.
  • Wait for the first shoots of potatoes, which will appear within 1-2 weeks after planting. As soon as the seedlings grow 15 cm, it is sprinkled with a mixture of soil: this will help the plant take root and form new tubers.
  • Periodically sprinkle young plants with soil until most of the container is full.
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Too deep bags are better not to use, since the seedlings will not have enough moisture and growth to grow potatoes in bags.

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Care of seedlings

There are no special requirements when placing potatoes in bags before planting. Watering is important when leaving. This is especially necessary when forming the first tubers in order to provide them with all the conditions for development.

Often the lack of air becomes a problem in leaving, especially if the container material for potatoes is too dense.To avoid trouble, use a small cut from below to ventilate the root system.

The plant needs to be fed with a potassium-based mixture. Nitrogenous mixtures should be discarded during cultivation, since they form a peel of a dense structure, which prevents the tubers from being stored after being removed from the earth. .

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