Rules for planting potatoes under a shovel

Planting potatoes under a shovel is not used in the industrial field, but for the gardener’s own purposes. Most often, this method is used to properly plant a vegetable on a personal plot. This method is fast and simple. It is believed that this is the basic method of landing. It is used in all countries of the world. But what will the scheme be and how to do everything right?

  1. Principle of planting potatoes
  2. Preparation of the plot
  3. Seed processing scheme
  4. Types of shovel planting
  5. Actions after planting

Правила посадки картофеля под лопату

Rules for planting potatoes under a shovel

The principle of planting potatoes

Planting root crops is quite simple. This does not require special knowledge. first of all, it is necessary to prepare the soil from autumn time, it should be plowed, and in the spring proceed to planting ke.

Quite often a question is heard about planting potatoes under a shovel. If you are going to plant root crops manually, you must know some mandatory rules. Without them, it is impossible to achieve good yield. It is important to pay attention to the distance between the rows, and treatment of tubers.

Site preparation

First of all, you should pay attention to the condition of the soil. It should be ideal for growing vegetables on it. First of all, the site should be small in size. The bottom line is that when planting potatoes under the “shovel” method, you will need good physical preparation, and a lot of time.

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You should also pay attention to the fact that the site should be well-lit by sunlight.Also choose areas where there is no groundwater, because they will contribute to stagnation of water, and reduce yield. Do not forget about fertilizing the soil. Fertilizers are used only from organic materials. Chicken humus or manure with the addition of ash from a tree that has been moved is best suited. If you want to improve the result, you can use compost.

There are several methods of preparing the soil.

  1. In this case, the soil is dug manually by using a bayonet shovel. At the same time, weeds must be selected from the ground. Organic fertilizers should also be added. It is recommended to add no more than 30 g of potassium phosphate to 5 kg of manure. In spring, potatoes are planted under a shovel.
  2. In the autumn, green plants should be planted throughout the plot. After that, everything is mowed in the spring, and buried manually in the ground. As soon as the crops begin to rot, they will fertilize the soil, which will allow root crops to be planted with a shovel in 2 weeks.

Seed treatment scheme

Many inexperienced gardeners are wondering how to plant potatoes under a shovel? First of all, you should know that it is important to process the correct planting materials. Several basic methods are used for this.

This method consists in processing the Gibberelinin. As soon as you decide to plant potatoes, 3 days before, you need to process each root crop with this solution.It is prepared correctly as follows: 10 ml of the chemical should be poured into 2 liters of water. It is believed that after this you will increase your crop by 3 times.

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Chlorine needs to be sprayed with seeds to protect against scab. If such actions are not carried out, then you can reduce the yield, and the shelf life. Succinic acid improves the taste. Wood ash can increase starch levels and nourish the roots.

Before you go to the garden, which is designed to plant potatoes under a shovel, you need to carefully consider each fruit. Care should be taken to ensure that there is no damage or illness. Experienced gardeners are convinced that large seeds should not be planted. It is allowed to cut them into two parts, after which they need to be germinated so that small shoots appear.

Shovel landing types

Существует несколько способов посадки

There are several ways to plant

There are options for planting potatoes in various ways:

  • under shovel;
  • with special mechanisms.

Most people have so small garden patches that it is very difficult for the car to call in there. Therefore, they decide to plant crops on their own, with their own hands. Several methods are used for this:

  • absolute landing;
  • landing on the beds;
  • landing on the ridges.

Continuous landing has its own drawbacks. They consist in the fact that further processing is difficult. The tops of potatoes begin to cross among themselves, which entails difficulties in care. Cultivation is not suitable in any way if your soil is quite dense, so you should adhere to the correct distance between the rows. It should be at least 80 cm.

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It is important to remember that planting on beds or ridges should be carried out only from the southern part of your garden. Care should be taken to ensure that the whole earth is loose and moist enough. This is necessary so that she could warm up under the sun in springtime.

There is nothing complicated about this landing. First of all, you should outline even stripes so that all beds are even. There should be a distance of 70 cm between the rows, and a distance of 40 cm should be maintained between the holes. But the layout of the rows should be from the north side, to the south side.

Remember that we plant potatoes only together. More people are possible, but no less. 1 person should go with a shovel, and dig holes. The rest should throw treated seeds at them. It is also necessary to add special organic fertilizers and pest protection to each well. As soon as you dig a second hole, it is necessary to fill up the previous one with its soil.

Actions after planting

In order to get a high-quality and clean crop that will not affect your state of health, you should use only pure organic fertilizers. It is recommended to use only wood ash or manure. But, you must remember that it is important to control the amount of chemicals, because their overabundance can harm the tops.

Cultivation should include several stages. The first is hilling, and the second is loosening. The first stage should be carried out after 2 weeks. Small holes should be made between the rows so that it is better to water the roots. But, pay attention to the fact that the distance between the rows should be at least 40 cm. And the second is carried out after the tops reach a height of 40 cm.

Watering should be set only a few times. The first watering should be carried out when only the first shoots begin to appear. The second watering should be set at the moment when the buds are just beginning to appear. And the third one – after flowering.

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Colorado beetles is recommended to clean your own, with your own hands. But pests need to be cleaned with special folk remedies. Harvesting should be carried out only during dry weather. Moreover, it is important to wait until the tops are dry and lean against the ground completely.

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