Description of Rosalind potatoes

Rosalind potato belongs to the category of industrial table varieties. Due to its palatability and high yields, this tuberous species quickly gained popularity among gardeners and farmers all over the world.

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Описание картофеля сорта Розалинд

Description of Rosalind potato

Grade advantages

Like any other Rosalind tuber It has its own advantages and disadvantages.The following characteristics should be attributed to the advantages and features of this type:

  1. Unpretentiousness to care The Rosalind variety will be an ideal choice for industrial cultivation, since it does not require frequent watering, and one hilling during cultivation in the field will be enough.
  2. Taste qualities of tubers. Young tubers of Rosalind potatoes have a delicate taste and good The fruits do not lose their unique taste during the whole shelf life.
  3. The high level of starch in tubers makes this variety a universal raw material for the industrial production of convenience foods, chips, and dry potato pores. shkov, starch table.
  4. A generous harvest. This type of tuber has high yields per hectare.
  5. Thick skin. The dense skin allows you to transport tubers over long distances and increases the keeping quality of the crop.
  6. Resistance to most types of tuber diseases. The variety shows high resistance to potato cancer, nematode, late blight.
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But the characterization of the variety will be incomplete if not to mention its disadvantages:

  1. The variety is susceptible to pest attacks. Rosalina is a special potato, but it requires processing from the Colorado potato beetle, golden nematodes and wireworm.
  2. Too clay or too sandy soil. Such soils can adversely affect the yield and quality of tubers.
  3. Many analogues. Varieties with identical appearance to Rosalind, but without its advantages, enter the market.

But, despite some drawbacks, this species deservedly enjoys the reputation of one of the best varieties tuberous. Proper care of this plant will always guarantee high yields.

Planting potatoes

Description and characterization of the variety Rosalind advises to plant tubers in the middle or end of April. It is advisable to fertilize the soil in advance on the site for planting and to sprout tubers a month before planting. Preparation of seed begins with the selection of potatoes, damaged or rotten tubers for planting are not suitable. After choosing potatoes, you need to put it in a dark, not cold place.

You can nourish the soil with organic fertilizers.To do this, chicken droppings are bred with warm water and moisten the soil abundantly for the future garden.

Potatoes are planted to a depth of 6-8 centimeters. It is best to apply a square-bush scheme of planting. The distance between the bushes is 30-40 cm. This distance will provide comfort when caring for the bushes.

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Potato care

Не нуждается в тщательном уходе

Does not need careful care

As mentioned earlier, Rosalind potatoes do not require special care. This plant adapts well to different soils and withstands temperature extremes and rapid weather changes. But, nevertheless, like any other grade, this requires weeding and hilling. The first weeding can be done 10 days after planting, when the first leaves only appear above the ground. This will help protect the plants from the stub by weeds.

The second weeding and at the same time the first hilling of the bushes is carried out three to four weeks after planting. By this time, the bushes will already be quite high and the stems will fully form. The second hilling should be carried out two weeks later, when the plant enters the period of tuber formation.

Pest control

Experienced farmers and gardeners advise the first treatment from the pest invasion before the Colorado potato beetle begins its invasion. This is best done two weeks after landing.

For spraying, it is best to use drugs such as:

  1. Prestige due to the fact that imidacloprid and pencicuron are present in this product, it not only destroys pests, but also protects the plant from soil parasites and fungal diseases.
  2. Taboo is a relatively new drug. Well established as a means of protection against insect pests (wireworm, Colorado potato beetle).
  3. Aktara is the safest tool for processing potato bushes. The drug quickly penetrates the leaves and stems of tuberous, making them toxic to pests. But, at the same time, it does not affect the tubers themselves.
  4. Fitoverm belongs to the category of enteric-contact preparations against pests. It is the safest for the plant and can be used at any stage of crop growth.
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This is not the whole list of effective remedies for the Colorado potato beetle. The gardener decides which drug to choose based on the degree of infection of the bushes and the conditions in which the potato grows.


The Rosalind potato variety can remain in the soil until the very time frosts, but it is best to harvest in late autumn before the onset of the period of heavy rains and the first frost. Before defining the tubers for storage in the cellar or in the warehouse need to give them to dry well. In addition, for better preservation of the crop, it is necessary to inspect the potatoes and remove the tubers damaged during the digging process.

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