How to spud potatoes manually

Growing potatoes involves planting, grooming and harvesting. Hobbing potatoes by hand, with a special tool or walk-behind tractor is one of the important processes of crop care. The choice of method depends on the size of the plot.

  1. Purpose of the operation
  2. Rules of execution
  3. Manual hilling
  4. Using the hand tool
  5. Making a manual hiller
  6. Assembling the device
  7. Conclusion <

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Hooking potatoes manually

Purpose of the operation

Hilling potatoes is carried out to increase productivity by protecting bushes and tubers from bad weather. During the operation, the soil is loosened, h This allows the roots to be saturated with oxygen and moisture.

When tubers appear, the fruits are close to the surface, which causes them to bake in the sun or freeze when the temperature drops at night. from hilling:

  • protect the plant from bad weather conditions;
  • increase the number of tubers;
  • prevent pests;
  • formation of bushes that do not obscure the rest;
  • strengthening the stems.

Execution Rules

is by these rules:

  • The first operation was carried out at the appearance of shoots 8-12 cm in height in a cold climate shrubs cover the ground completely to protect the young plants from frost..In warm climates, the hilling of potatoes is carried out later.
  • The second time hilling is required when tubers are formed. It is important to do this before flowering. A suitable period begins 14-20 days after the first procedure.
  • It is better to wind up the last time when the bushes reach a height of 23-26 cm. Sprinkle the base with soil. Also, the soil is scattered between the branches so that they grow wider.

The procedure is carried out on wet ground in the cool time of the day. The ideal option is morning or evening after rain. This brings the potato extra moisture when hilling. When flowers appear, the procedure is carried out carefully so as not to damage the tubers during the setting period.

Do not perform the operation on dry soil: this makes the plant difficult to grow and makes it vulnerable to pests.

Manual hilling

There are 2 ways to manually hilling

  • Rowing. A mound is formed from the ground near the base of the bush so that the stems grow up.
  • Putting the earth inside the bush. Before throwing the soil, the stalks are spread open so that after hilling they are fixed and grow in different directions.

A manual operation is carried out using a hoe and a shovel. The use of such hand tools is only rational in small areas.

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Hilling helps protect the root system

When using a hoe, the earth is pulled to the bush to get a slight elevation. With a shovel, they simply throw the soil to the base of the plant. The resulting mound should be high and wide so that the entire root system and the base of the plant are protected.

Using a hand tool

Hook potatoes to grow potatoes with a handy plow faster and more efficiently. The advantages of the device are maneuverability, simplicity of design and versatility. Okuchnik upgrade for cutting furrows during planting and in the tool for inter-row processing.

The design consists of a frame, a working body and dumps to adjust the depth of processing. For use, 1 person is required, who brings the device to work and monitors the direction.

There are 2 types of manual hoes:

  • working body in the form of a plow;
  • disk.

When using a manual hiller, potatoes should be planted in an even row. To do this, it is better to use a marker when cutting furrows. When moving, the working body cuts the soil in the row-spacings and throws it to the side to the bushes. To avoid the risk of damage to the fruit, it is necessary to precisely set the angle of attack and keep the hiller level.

Making a hand hiller

To lower the cost of caring for potatoes, hudgers collect it with their own hands.

The positive sides of a hoe made by yourself:

  • cheapness;
  • the possibility of manufacturing based on personal preferences;
  • adjustment to the type of soil;
  • the ability to upgrade for other purposes.

The downside is the lack of quality assurance. Factory potato spouts are produced according to the standards, and the quality of home spouts depends on the manufacturer and materials.

To make a manual spudder you will need:

  • an inch pipe 1 m empty inside;
  • thin pipe for making rods and lintels;
  • 1 mm thick steel plate for dumps;
  • soldering small for bending metal;
  • lanyard;
  • saw with a metal disc;
  • welding machine.

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hilling potatoes
Hooking potatoes manually

Assembling the device

Production order:

  • Vertical stand. The meter tube is bent at a distance of 35 s from the edge.
  • Production of front and rear thrust. Make similarly, but with a smaller diameter pipe.
  • Assembling dvuhotvalnogo working body. The plow is made of round metal plates. Pan covers will do. They are installed at an angle to each other and welded to the counter.
  • Making a cutting knife. The tool is made of strong material, because it takes on the main load during movement. For this, a steel sheet is suitable, which is cut out in the form of an arrow with a sharp cutting part. It is welded to the frame and polished.


It is rational to manually sprinkle potatoes in small areas.For large gardens, it is better to purchase a walk-behind tractor or a cultivator: this will significantly speed up the processing process.

When growing potatoes, you need to monitor the condition of row-spacing. Hilling is prohibited with a large number of weeds. They need to be cut and weed.

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