How to apply Kemira fertilizer for potatoes

Potatoes are often called the second bread, because it is used 5 times more often than any other side dish. In order to grow high-quality potatoes suitable for food and sale, you need to take care of its productivity and taste. Kemir’s well-known fertilizer for potatoes, known for many gardeners, perfectly copes with this task, which is distinguished by its safety and benefits for plants.

  1. Characterization of the fertilizer
  2. Types of fertilizer
  3. How to use the product
  4. Tips for using the product

Применение удобрения Кемира для картофеля

Application of Kemir fertilizer for potatoes

Characteristics of the fertilizer

The fertilizer produced in Finland for potatoes and other crops has many qualities for which gardeners appreciate and love it. Kemira is environmentally friendly and completely harmless and for health, it also refers to cost-effective products. It is convenient to use.

Thanks to the composition of the product, you can achieve:

  • improved taste;
  • increase yield;
  • lack of nitrate deposits;
  • improve plant immunity and resistance to pathogens;
  • crop safety.

The product is suitable for both perennial and annual crops. It also slows down the depletion of the soil, the fruits give a high rate of keeping quality.

Varieties of fertilizer

Finnish producers tried to make the product suitable for various occasions.As a result of painstaking work, more than 5 types of Kemira were obtained: universal, luxury, plus, combi, hydro, agro Fertika, flower, lawn, autumn, potato.

  • The universal option is suitable for all types of plants , including potatoes, and can be used both on the open ground and in greenhouses.
  • “Lux” is ideally combined with fruit crops and various vegetables. It is often used in the initial development of plants, since the product has a large amount of nutrients. Speed ​​of action is another plus for which the product is so appreciated.
  • Kemira Plus is excellent for fruiting. It enriches fruits with potassium and helps potatoes and other crops last longer. Plants absorb the product well, so its composition is beneficially reflected in the appearance and taste of the fruit.
  • Kemira Combi is different in that it contains everything in an easily digestible form. Thanks to this, feeding is easy. Also, the tool helps to reduce the level of alkali soil.
  • “Hydro” is widely used for feeding potatoes and other crops. The product is considered universal and gives plants everything that is required for full development.
  • Agro Fertika refers to substances of narrow application, the same as Floral, Lawn and Autumn “Kemira”. They are used either for plants and flowers, or in a clearly designated season.

Among other products, a special place is given to potatoes, which contain a valuable set of substances that help the plant to bear fruit better. Potato Fertika is easy to digest, does not contain chlorine and helps to strengthen the health of tubers. The product is recommended to be used before planting potatoes, having thoroughly seasoned the soil with them. During the growing season, top dressing is repeated. It contains nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and other necessary substances.

How to use the tool

Kemira potato can be used both in granules and with solutions. The granular version is used before planting, before digging the earth. First, abundant watering of the soil is carried out, this helps plants to better absorb.

It is preferable to do this in the spring, when planting is only planned. To prepare the solution, 20 g of fertilizer per 30 liters of water is required, but if the shell is used for open ground, a more dense solution can be made (10 g of fertilizers in 10 liters of water).

Use the product by scatter is unprofitable, therefore, it is recommended to use a sprayer to spray seedlings. If the granules are applied without liquid, they are mixed with an earthen mixture, and then watered. Before that, they dig all the soil to get rid of weeds. Dosage – 50-70 g.

When applying, it is important to prevent contact of the pottery with plants, since young seedlings are prone to stress and burns that can be caused by improper use of the drug. Kemira potato is also used in dry form, if it is poured into a hole when planting a plant.

Before putting tubers, granular material is sprinkled with earth. Before use, the soil must be mixed with fertilizer so that the tubers and granules do not touch. 15-20 g of fertilizer is enough to fertilize each tuber.

During the growing season, fertilizing is also performed. To do this, use 30-40 g of fertilizer in dry form, then watering the soil. This will help plants grow better and be resistant to disease. With proper nutrition, the seedlings acquire the necessary strength. The instruction gives complete information on how to use the product correctly.

Tips for using the product

The result of working with the fertilizer depends entirely on how correctly the fertilizer is applied with the soil and seedlings.It must be remembered that:

  • with fertilizers of this kind, care must be taken, which means that you need to work with a respirator and gloves;
  • a plastic container is required to prepare the product;
  • when preparing the product, it is important to observe proportions;
  • the solution must be used immediately after preparation;
  • the soil must be moistened;
  • too frequent use will lead to the opposite results, so you need to use “Kemira” every 5-10 days;
  • you must wash your face and rinse after using the product;
  • after the procedure, wash the container with soap or detergent.

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