Characteristics of Madeleine Potatoes

Foreign potato varieties are increasingly appearing in domestic markets. One of these is Madeleine potatoes. The fact is that planting and caring for the bushes are not difficult. Moreover, its productivity is high. It can reach 250 c / ha.

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Характеристика картофеля сорта Маделине

Characteristics of Madeleine potatoes

It was bred in the Netherlands. It entered the register of Russian varieties in 2011, but, despite his “youth”, he quickly became popular among domestic gardeners.

Characteristics of the variety

Description e of bushes is unremarkable for the gardener. The variety is medium-sized, semi-upright shoots with large leaves. It blooms – medium, white. It is not afraid of sudden temperature drops. It can be grown both in the central regions of Russia and in the Far East.

Characterization of a plant is its advantage. Its high productivity (up to 1.7 kg per bush), as well as the quality of the tubers themselves allow the product to be used both for its own use and for trade. According to the claimed characteristics, the yield of marketable tubers is 89-99% with a shelf life of 95%. That is, this product is competitive with other popular plant varieties available on the domestic market.

It belongs to the early table varieties.From planting to harvesting, 75-80 days pass. Bushes grow up to 1 meter in height. During this time, 7–9 tubers are formed, with a total mass of 1.1–1.5 kg. The shape of the vegetable is oval, flat. The starch content is average (11%). The skin is light, with small eyes on the surface. For the consumer, the appearance of the product is attractive, and the taste is excellent. The pulp is poorly digested, which is why the vegetable is appreciated. It is perfect for frying and baking.


According to gardeners, the most significant are the following disadvantages:

  • susceptibility to certain diseases ( Fusarium, late blight of tops, scab);
  • cultivation requires preliminary heating and germination of tubers;
  • capricious to fertilizers (does not like nitrogen top dressing).

Planting tubers

Правильное выращивание - хороший урожай

Proper cultivation good harvest

Like all early potato varieties, Madeleine requires a yar ovization of tubers. This process is part of preparatory agrotechnical operations, consisting of heating tubers, germinating in the light, their selection and calibration. It is from these procedures that not only quality depends, but also the quantity of the crop. The process of planting the material itself has the following features:

  1. Planting in open ground is carried out only in warm soil up to 3-4 ° C.If the temperature of the soil is higher, this can affect the development of tubers.
  2. Seedling is carried out according to certain standards. The distance between the rows is 0.6 – 0.7 m., And between the planting material – 0.3 m.
  3. In the prepared holes, the planting material is placed with the sprouted eyes up.

After the operations performed, the tubers are dug and watered. Better than room or warm, standing water.

Caring for the bushes

It is easy to take care of Madeleine’s bushes. Already in May, the flowering period begins. Therefore, it is important to give the necessary nutrients to the bushes, for their active growth and fruiting. You can use complex mineral fertilizers, as well as humus. It is better not to use nitrogen fertilizers.

Watering is also important. Madeline loves water, but quality should be preferred over quantity. That is, watering should be rare, but plentiful. On 10 sq.m. planted area can be up to 400 liters. water.

It is also important not to forget about the hilling of bushes. Do not be afraid to damage the tubers. They are resistant to mechanical damage and quickly “tighten” with proper care. But, nevertheless, it is better to wet the soil before this procedure. So, the root system in case of damage will recover faster.

Treatment from diseases and pests

Processing of the plant is carried out by spraying with special drugs, as well as solutions prepared according to folk recipes:

  1. From late blight will help spraying with a solution based on wormwood with the addition of laundry soap or systemic-contact preparations (Medex, Kuprosat, etc.).
  2. From fusarium. Copper vitriol will help, as well as Bactofit and Fitosporin preparations.
  3. From scab. It is eliminated by the use of fungicides (Aquaflo, Fitoplus, etc.).

Preventive actions against diseases and pests are limited to the processing of planting material in a solution of copper sulfate. Special fertilizers for the soil can also be used – siderata.

Giant potatoes in a box two-meter tops and big tubers!


Madeline belongs to the early table potato varieties.It is resistant to most diseases and pests, has good yield, presentation and taste characteristics.

It also has disadvantages. When planting, tubers should be warmed up and germinated, and nitrogen fertilizers are not recommended.

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