Permissible depth for planting potatoes

The most popular crop among gardeners is potatoes. The depth of planting potatoes will be directly related to the method of cultivation, as well as the qualitative composition of the soil. Landing is mainly carried out at the moment when the earth is heated to a depth of 0.1 m by 4-8 ℃. Basically, the potato planting season begins in mid-April and ends in mid-May.

  1. Growing methods
  2. Landing recommendations
  3. Smooth landing
  4. Ridge landing
  5. Trench landing
  6. Non-standard types of planting
  7. Planting under straw
  8. Growing under the film
  9. Landing in the tank
  10. Landing in the mounds
  11. The final part

Допустимая глубина для посадки картофеля

Allowable depth for planting potatoes

In many ways, the landing time will depend on the weather Slovenia, region. Planting crops later when they use cut tubers, not whole ones. This is explained by a high risk of infection with fungal diseases. In such cases, they wait until the soil warms up more than 8 ℃.

Growing methodsPlanting depth is determined by the growing method. There are 3 of them:

  • smooth landing;
  • crested;
  • trench.

Each method is used in certain cases, and clearly selected depending on the qualitative composition of the soil. There is one common criterion for all methods – planting is carried out in the direction from the south to the north. This move allows you to arrange the plants so that they are evenly lit from all sides, because the culture does not like shadow.Naturally, one should not forget about the obligatory application of fertilizers.

Planting recommendations

At what depth to plant potatoes and the distance between the holes is determined by:

  • cultivar,
  • soil composition.

The optimal depth for planting potatoes on light soils is 0.1 m. For planting in heavy loamy areas, dig holes 0.8 m deep . On clay soil, potatoes are planted, deepening by 40-50 mm. An important criterion that determines the length of the hole is the overall size of the tubers. Compact potatoes are not planted as deep as large potatoes, but do not deviate from the standards by more than 30 mm.

The recommended width between rows of late potatoes is 0.7 m, and for the early one 0.6 m. B a row for an early variety makes a step of 0.23 m, for a later one – 0.3 m. Such standards are relevant for potatoes of a typical planting size.

Smooth landing

Planting depth potato in the chernozem region in the southern hilly territories is 0.12 m. This planting option is called a shovel. First, make a markup. How long to make holes in the chernozem region depends on the location of the site. Planting is carried out after deep plowing.

This method was used during the Soviet Union when developing virgin lands. After treatment, the tractor left huge layers on which it was simply impossible to complete ridges. The culture was planted under a shovel in depth at 0.05 m, grinding large clumps of earth with a pitchfork.Constant cultivation, fertilizing, and hilling help to significantly increase productivity and make the land suitable for planting crops in the future.

Ridge planting

Potato planting depth is 15 cm with a walk-behind tractor. Width between the holes leave 65-71 centimeter. The method is used in areas with a close location of groundwater. The relevant method is for regions with dense soil, which does not allow air to pass through well.

A walk-behind tractor is often used because someone in the village has the necessary equipment. People try to minimize manual labor. But this method is not suitable for every type of soil. For example, loamy and sandy soils retain moisture very poorly, therefore, the risk of lowering yields when planted with the ridge method increases.

Trench planting

The depth of the potatoes in the trench on sandy soils and loams that hold moisture poorly range from 120 to 150 mm. The potato should be pressed a little into the ground. Trenches are laid at a distance of 70 cm from each other.

Potato tubers should be planted at a distance of 0.4-0.6 m. This marking can also be performed by a walk-behind tractor. To plant potatoes without unnecessary energy, you can use a potato planter – a special nozzle on a walk-behind tractor.

The method is not suitable for soils that trap moisture or regions with close proximity to groundwater.In this case, the potato simply suffocates and decays in the ground or begins to become infected with late blight.

Non-standard types of planting

Попробуйте необычный метод посадки

Try the unusual planting method

Typically, new methods of planting potatoes appear because of the need to solve a particular problem. For example, the lack of space is solved by planting in a tank. If the method has paid off, they begin to improve it and use it everywhere. Usually people try to use the most common method of landing under a shovel, but it is not always effective. Let’s consider several options for non-standard solutions.

Landing under the straw

This method requires a minimum of energy consumption during harvesting. The potatoes are laid on top of the soil, and then sprinkled with a 20 cm layer of straw. It is added as the ground part of the plant grows. This is a great option for virgin land with hard soil. The method is not suitable for arid areas, the potatoes will simply dry out here.

Heavy soils after harvesting the potatoes, close up the remaining straw. By incorporating it, you can significantly improve the quality of the land and, over time, use other methods of planting in the same place. It is not necessary to plant potatoes under the straw, laying it on a flat surface. You can make small holes, so you can save moisture.

Cultivation under the film

In this case, the land is plowed and fertilized with organic matter. After that, lay on it a black film or cloth. Then, markings make cross-sections in the form of crosses. You can arrange them in random order.

In the places of the cuts, you should select the earth, forming holes. The optimal depth of potato planting in this way is from 5 to 12 cm, depending on the type of soil. The technology does not involve any hilling and cultivation. This option is often used for early varieties. Under the cover, the soil warms up evenly and the crop appears faster.

The method is not suitable for hot areas. In dry weather, the soil will overheat and the tubers will bake. Another method is suitable for warm regions.

Planting in a container

The optimal depth for planting potatoes in a container is 1m. The method involves the use of high capacity: barrels, boxes. A drainage system is being made at the bottom. At the bottom, before falling asleep, lay a tube with holes at an equal distance and bring its upper part out. Feeding and watering is carried out through it.

After all preparations, add a layer of soil 15 cm to the bottom and plant potatoes, pressing a little. Fill with a layer of soil 10 cm. As soon as the sprouts appear, they should be sprinkled with soil. The procedure is carried out until the ground level in the tank reaches 1 m. The soil must be highly fertile.Usually organic matter and fertile soil are taken in 1: 1 proportions.

The advantage of the method is the ability to avoid many diseases, and the plants are not attacked by pests. The soil can be used for several years in a row. From one such bed, you can collect a bag of potatoes if you fertilize on time and don’t forget to water the crop. After that make the markup. A circle with a diameter of about 2 m is marked. Holes are dug around the circumference in increments of 25-40 cm. The optimal depth for planting potatoes with this method is 5 cm.

Each time you see the tops, you need to sprinkle them with soil. So the mound is formed. In the middle of the circle, you should definitely make a deep hole for watering. This type of planting allows you to get a good crop with a small area.

The final part

How deeply to plant potatoes will depend on several factors. First of all, it is the composition of the soil and climatic conditions. Depending on the growing method, the embedment depth can vary from 5 cm to 1 m.

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From how much quality termination p Soil gardener will hold before planting will depend on soil fertility and productivity.If the potatoes are planted in the same place for several years in a row deep cultivation is carried out – 30 cm minimum with the introduction of organics. Deep cultivation is performed twice:

  • in the fall after harvesting;
  • in the spring before planting.

Before choosing a planting method, you need to take into account the weather conditions in your region. For example, the ridge method is not suitable for an arid climate.Each farmer will decide at what depth to plant potatoes independently, relying on the features of the soil and on the ability to regularly cultivate, water and fertilize plants. There is a universal method that is suitable for all regions, regardless of what soil on the site is landing under a shovel. The option of planting potatoes under a shovel has been used since ancient times and is the most effective.

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