The principle of growing potatoes according to the Kartelev method

Potato is one of the most popular vegetable crops worldwide. Experienced gardeners have their own secrets on how to get a rich and high-quality crop. The professional agronomist Vladimir Ivanovich Kartelev discloses several unique growth techniques that allow you to collect many fruits, regardless of climatic conditions.Cartel cultivation of potatoes – what does the Tver scientist offer?

  1. Features of the method
  2. Growing options
  3. Zero method
  4. Manure-trench method
  5. Mulching <
  6. Most simple method
  7. Alternation method
  8. Dung and trench using mulch
  9. Potato care
  10. Conclusion <

Принцип выращивания картофеля по методу Картелева

The principle of expression potatoes according to the Kartelev method

Features of the method

The methodology of Vladimir Ivanovich Kartelev is based on organic mulching, which allows protecting the soil and increasing its fertility . At Kartelev himself, a collection of 1 ha equals 600 kg of potatoes with large commercial-grade fruits.

Before the onset of cold weather, the garden is covered with a twenty-centimeter layer of mulch. With a manual mower, the grass is processed and, mowed, lies on the ground for two days. At the end of the term, the grass is collected in mop and dried for some time, after which it is rammed into a dry and dark place. This will be an excellent organic material for the soil.

Instead of grass, you can use straw, dry hay, sawdust, fallen leaves, but Vladimir Ivanovich insists on choosing it, because, in his opinion, herbal fertilizer is the most effective. It provides the soil with all the necessary elements, saturates it with moisture and protects against weeds.

You can use almost any herbaceous plants: dandelions, clover, sedge and others. Just remember to pick their roots. But the off-season digging of the soil, Vladimir Ivanovich does not recommend getting carried away – its too frequent treatment violates the soil structure. Another secret of Kartelev is the use of Baikal E1 bait.

Growing options

The agronomist presents to the gardeners 6 easy, but effective methods for cultivating potatoes, united by a common principle. According to the Kartelev system, a plant survives on its own, without human help.

Zero method

This method does not require the use of fertilizers and mulch, you will not have to dig up the soil either. But hilling is mandatory.

Before starting work, a preliminary treatment of the site is carried out, including weeding from weeds: if necessary, use a hoe. On a field ready for sowing, a thick cord is stretched every 70-75 cm. A hollow is cut along it, into which potato tubers and bean seeds are laid out alternately.It is advisable to feed seedlings with fertilizers from ash and humus – one and a half buckets per 1 hundredth. From above, everything is covered with soil so that the middle of the embankment falls on the lined tubers. As a tool, you can use an ordinary rake. The rows should be even and symmetrical.

Manure-trench method

Used when the farmer has fertilizers but no mulch. Excavation of the garden is not necessary. Hilling is desirable. The method is suitable for most fruit crops. After uprooting the weed grass and harvesting the plot, a tight rope is stretched every 70 cm, as in the first method, along its length small holes are dug for the depth and width of the shovel. Then, according to a similar first scheme, potatoes and beans are laid out in the form of a roller, symmetrically. But! Only 30% of the garden is processed – less than one third. The remaining 70% remains uncopped.


Готовая почва

Ready soil

The soil does not dig, hilling is required. Using this method, a fertile crop is guaranteed with no Colorado potato beetles and without a tendency to diseases such as late blight. It is applicable on dry, low, heavy soils.

A cord is drawn through a zone of 70 cm mulched into a 20-centimeter layer, and soil is strewed onto it.Using a stake, pits for potatoes and beans are formed, which are filled with organic matter and formed in even rows.

The simplest method

This technique is called lazy, because it does not need to be done here no digging, no hilling. At the same time, the immunity of crops is strengthened, and fertility is increased. It is relevant for high places with light soils.

The procedure is identical to the first, only in addition you will need an additional layer of mulch 30-35 cm.

Alternation method

This method combines organic fertilizer feed with mulching. The actions are carried out according to the type of the second, third and fourth methods in turn – in the whole garden or in its part.

Manure-trench using mulch

Organization required, hilling – no. Digging 30% of the garden. You need to act as in method number 2. Also, an additional layer of soil of 30 cm is laid. Before hilling, shovel should be reared to its depth and row spacing. Then – again mulching with a layer of 15 cm.

Care for potatoes

One of the main principles of the Kortelev technique is the lack of care as such. What does the plant need and what should not be done?

  1. There is no need for watering. The potato feeds on rain moisture.
  2. Hilling is not important in conditions with laid grass and unplowed soil.
  3. The use of the unique Baikal E1 preparation will serve not only to process and fertilize seeds before planting and during it, but also to accelerate seedling growth, increase yield and protect against fungal diseases and pests.

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As you can see, the method of growing potatoes according to the method of Vladimir Ivanovich Kartelev is based on the natural method of natural growth. Without the use of chemicals harmful to the plant, without special efforts, it is realistically possible to obtain a qualitative and quantitative yield of potatoes.

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